Fansided Divisional Rivals Join Together to Compete


As soon as the 2011 season begins, fans of baseball build-up rage towards their divisional rivals. Before we get into that madness, Fansided has put together a little collaborative effort to bring together bloggers from division rivals to create 1 dream team for each division. Along with the other AL East bloggers, I will be voting for the best starting lineup and pitching staff, comprised only of AL East players. The votes will be tallied you, the reader, will have the chance to vote for the best AL and NL Team, and then the best overall divisional super team. My friends over at Birds Watcher, Jays Journal, Rayhawk Review and Yanks Go Yard are all pumped to be able to join forces and dominate the rest of baseball, even though we don’t always agree on the best players. (more after the jump)

In the coming few weeks, the lead writers will be chatting behind the scenes to develop our all-star roster. If there are any disagreements or ties, which there almost definitely will be, we will leave the voting up to you for those positions. More information will be coming in a week or two and I will be sure to post links to the polls here. The 1st round will be starting lineups, where we will select 1 player for each position (including DH for the AL teams) and then once the lineup is set, we will move on to the tough task of picking a pitching staff. Once again, if there are ties, you will have the opportunity to make those choices for us. Once the roster is set, it will be completely up to you guys to pick the best AL team, which will obviously be the AL East, and pick the winner of the best AL team vs. the best NL team. Easy, right?

This is a fun way for baseball fans in New England to forget about the piles upon piles of snow outside your window and dream big. Not every position decision will be easy, especially in the AL East infield slots, but it will certainly get the competitive juices flowing.

This is where you come in… I have a preliminary idea of who I want on my AL East All-Star Roster, but would love to hear your opinion. Below is a poll asking you to select the best 3rd baseman in the AL East, the player you feel would give the AL East the best chance to win. Which ever player receives the most votes, I will put on my ballot for the AL East roster. You will have the chance to be heard throughout this process and it begins now. Leave a comment to explain your answer as well, because although most readers of this blog are Red Sox fans, it doesn’t make this an easy choice.