Confusion in the Bullpen


The pitching situation has been covered in great quantities lately. With the Red Sox re-signing Hideki Okajima, signing Dan Wheeler and Bobby Jenks, there has been some questioning towards Jonathan Papelbon. First, is it time to let him go? Although, Papelbon did not have a “high point” in his career this past season, the Red Sox and fans might find Papelbon closing the games like he used to, successfully. Despite what the rumors say, Papelbon will be closing for 2011 and making around 11 million. This might not end up being the best decision, however, as you can see the Red Sox have plenty back-up in both minors and their active bullpen. With this said, the Sox have high hopes for Papelbon going into the 2011 season, after all he was useful once before.

Scott Atchison is also expected to return on the roster for the Red Sox. 2010 had its rough spots for Atchison, more mentally than anything. Being shuffled between Triple A Pawtucket and the Red Sox, it was hard to adjust. Just within a three month time period, Atchison was moved six times. Later in the season, he was used more frequently. Going from, a pitcher who got put in when the starting pitcher was having a bad day, to a pitcher that replaced the starting pitcher on a good day. Atchison was used in rough situations. One time, during a game against the Colorado Rockies Atchison got tossed in during the seventh inning with a one run lead. Atchison knew this was going to be his moment to prove he was more than a Triple A rookie. The truth being, all pitchers have their rough days or even rough years but the Red Sox plan on sticking with them!

On a side note; I would say since the Red Sox have re-signed Hideki Okajima it is okay to assume they will not be going any further with Brian Fuentes.