Ten Most Unnecessary Red Sox Christmas Gifts

Every year, I scan through website upon website checking out the latest and greatest gifts for the Red Sox fans in my life and every year I am come across a few head-scratching items that either don’t make sense or are so ridiculous that no one in their right mind should spend money on them. Many retailers believe, and are proven correct again and again, that throwing a Red Sox logo on any item will instantly make that product a must-have and at an enormously high price-tag. For those who are celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas. For your sake and mine, I hope you find none of these gifts under the tree this year. However, if you do receive one of these products or something you feel should be on this list, snap a picture and send it to bosoxinjection@gmail.com. If there are enough responses, I may even post some of those shots for some added fun during this holiday season. Enjoy…

In no particular order…

Memory Company Boston Red Sox Let’s Go Light from MLB.com$34.99

This is a must have every easily distracted person’s desk at work. This 16″ flashing traffic light is perfect for a high-class office and even has the functionality to flash in order, beginning with Let’s Go and ending with the Red Sox logo. It can lay flat on your desk, or stand vertically as shown in the picture. How can you go wrong with a desk-stoplight for the holidays? Caution: If you work on an open cubicle floor, please ensure that the people who sit near you do not suffer from epilepsy before buying this product.

Boston Red Sox Fan Brand – Set of Two from MLB.com – $19.99

The one thing I love with all my heart is grilled food. Whether there is 2 feet of snow on the ground or the temperature is 95 degrees with humidity at 98%, you will find me out in the back of my house grilling. What better way to combine my love for grilling and the Red Sox than this dandy of a product. Now we can all rest assured that any meat coming off my grill is a fan of the Boston Red Sox. Even better, this comes in a set of 2 for more convenient branding and can be used on vegetables for those of you who don’t partake in meat products.

Major League Baseball™ Caskets from Eternal Image$3,699*

This is the one present you hope you don’t see under the tree. Nonetheless, this product will allow you to pass away in comfort, letting all of your friends and family know exactly where your team affiliations sit. Lay there for eternity staring up at the MLB trademarked logo of the hanging Sox. Do I need to say more?

Boston Red Sox Lady Garden Gnome by Forever Collectibles$19.99 on sale!

No garden is complete without this little creature. This gnome stands at a whopping 11.5″ tall and scares away small creatures, especially Yankees fans. But wait, there’s more… If you purchase this gnome on Amazon.com, you can get 2 other varieties for just $55.44 and it qualifies for free super saver shipping! The deal is just too good to pass up…

Boston Red Sox: Wally Mascot Kooky Klicker 3 Pens by Courage Brands$7.89 on sale!

Any executive without these pens would be missing an opportunity to broadcast their baseball affiliations to everyone else in their board meeting. These pens not only make a statement about your love for the Red Sox, but also are the utmost quality for signing crucial documents. Never leave home without Wally by your side.

Boston Red Sox Country Stone by Team Sports America $24.99 on sale!

Another item in the outdoor collection is this beautiful rock. Some people like to hang flags with their team’s logo on it, others like to put decals in their windows, but if those are too much for you, than why not stick a rock in your front yard? It’s a way to display your team pride while also adding decor to your garden. The rock says it all, this is Red Sox Country.

Red Sox Ghost Bucket from the Yawkey Way Store$20.00 on sale!

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a Halloween Red Sox Ghost Bucket. It’s never too early to start thinking about next Halloween, especially if you have kids at home. Everyone gets the standard pumpkin bucket, but you can be the coolest mom or dad in town by getting your child this one-of-a-kind bucket.

Red Sox Red Toothbrush from the Yawkey Way Store – $10.00

Anyone can display their team pride on the outside with clothing or tattoos, but the real special Red Sox fans also so pride in their mouth when they are brushing their teeth. This Red Sox toothbrush is for the young and old, whether you have baby teeth or dentures. As an added bonus, the toothbrush provides bathroom decor when not in use. For $10, how can you go wrong?

Boston Red Sox Bird Bath and Feeder from Amazon$79.94

I can’t compete with Amazon’s description…

Charm the birds in your very own garden with this clever bird feeder and bird bath. Just fill the top basin with seed and the bottom with fresh water, and you’ll be a hit with the neighborhood birds. The MLB Boston Red Sox logo is embossed in a large 12″ water basin, which attaches to a 23″ pole and a 9.5″ stake.

Boston Red Sox Copper Birdhouse from Overstock.com – $36.99

For those who like the bird bath I found, this is it’s perfect companion. It’s rustic touch will add a big of Sox spirit to your home or yard. What bird wouldn’t want to bathe and eat out of copper embossed Red Sox logos?