Sox Postponed, Looking to Play 2 Wednesday


After raining all day, the Sox decided there was no window to play Tuesday night’s game against the Seattle Mariners, so the game was postponed until Wednesday. Now that Wednesday is here, I don’t see any way the Sox are going to play 2 games. Right now, at 11am, it is pouring in Boston with skies that look as if this rain will continue for 40 days. Given the light-hitting Mariners offense, these are a few of the games I want the Sox to play, because they have the best chance to clobber the struggling team from the Northwest. The real test comes this weekend in St. Petersburg, FL, where the Sox look to gain some critical ground against the Tampa Bay Rays.

If there ever was a series the Sox had to win or sweep, it is this weekend. The Sox currently sit 6 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays after a Rays win and Red Sox postponement on Tuesday. If the Sox want to make a push at the playoffs, they have a chance to pick up games head-to-head and can leave Florida 3-games closer the AL Wild Card with a sweep. Regardless, winning 2 out of 3 gains 1 game for the Sox, which although isn’t ideal, is taking a step in the correct direction. Their chances are low already, so losing the series with the Rays would nearly officially end the Sox push.

If the Sox play 2 games Wednesday and can sweep the Mariners, then they will be on a 5-game win streak, gaining confidence and momentum going into an off-day Thursday before the weekend set with the Rays. The success of the Sox in Florida will be their pitching staff, specifically their starting rotation. The Rays have a powerful and dangerous lineup that can beat even the best pitchers, so if the Sox staff can keep guys like Carl Crawford and B.J. Upton off the base paths and not allow Evan Longoria to hit with runners in scoring position, then the Sox offense can do their damage against the tough Rays rotation.

Each time I am convinced this season is over, the Sox surprise me and begin to play well. The bigger question for me is can they continue to play well on the road and against teams they need to beat to gain ground? We will find out this weekend…