2010 Mayor’s Cup Champions, Time to Celebrate?


Start-up the duck boats and fill the cannons with confetti, because the Red Sox are coming back home as champions. Mayor’s Cup champions. After a 6 long and hard fought Spring Training battles with the Minnesota Twins, the Red Sox claimed another Mayor’s Cup title yesterday. I can just hear the champagne corks popping as we speak.

Ok, so maybe the Red Sox organization is more focused on the 2010 regular season and winning a trophy that will give them bragging rights throughout the league, rather than throughout the sleepy city of Fort Myers, FL. Maybe Theo and the gang are looking towards securing the personnel in their bullpen by adding a lefty reliever before Sunday. Maybe the players are more focused on getting prepared for the opening day rivalry series at Fenway or maybe not.

At this point in Spring Training, record means nothing (unless you are the 6-16 Pittsburgh Pirates) and beating a ‘rival’ has about as much importance as what type of dog food Papelbon’s 3-legged dog eats (my guess would be Mighty Dog). The Red Sox have been aiming to be in the best shape and ready to roll on April 4th, regardless of whether they took home a trophy this Spring or not. Is there even a trophy?

On the other hand, a championship builds confidence, even if it is a complete farce. If the Mayor’s Cup victory can in some odd way push and motivate the Red Sox entering this season, so be it. In 6 days from today, the Mayor’s Cup will be a distant memory while we all sit on our couches, head over to BoSoxInjection.com to join me in a LIVE chat (shameless plug), and watch Derek Jeter and C.C. Sabathia warm-up on the Fenway grass.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the home-stretch of absurdity and are entering the big show before we know it. With all of it’s ups and downs, the baseball season we love is almost upon us once again and will continue into November. Put the beer in the fridge and get the HD cable box ready, because the next 8 months will be non-stop action.