Red Sox Notes: Week of March 21


As the Red Sox continue to cut their roster down for opening day, there has been no shortage of moves over the past week. Some players were demoted while we saw one notable reliever, Brian Shouse, released. We also saw a few injuries including the wrist issue with Dustin Pedroia as opening day looms just 9 days away. Here is a recap of transactions, injuries and news from this past week. Enjoy!


Brian Shouse

The 41 year old lefty, Brian Shouse, was given the chance to prove himself in Spring Training and potentially make the Red Sox roster. The dream has come to an end. On Thursday, Shouse was released by the Red Sox after throwing a shutout inning against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Red Sox management didn’t see enough to warrant a major league roster spot and didn’t feel comfortable with his ability to get lefties out consistently.

Shouse no doubt was expecting this move, considering the Sox signed Alan Embree last weekend and were unsatisfied with their options for a lefty specialist in the ‘pen. Although Embree’s deal is only a minor league contract, the Sox management have been impressed so far with his few side-sessions and minor league camp appearance. This could spell the end of a long career for Shouse, given his age, but you never know what team will take a chance on the veteran lefty.

Ramon A. Ramirez, Aaron Bates and Michael Bowden

Ramon A Ramirez, Aaron Bates and Michael Bowden were among those optioned to Pawtucket this past week as the roster continues to shrink. No surprises on this list, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Michael Bowden and Ramon A. Ramirez get some playing time at the major league level this season. Bowden finished last season with at 1-1 record in 8 appearances (1 start) in his second taste of the big leagues (he made one start in 2008). He struggled with an era of 9.56, allowing 17 ER’s in just 16 innings pitched.


Dustin Pedroia

After making a nice diving play and then a throwing error in the first inning of Tuesday night’s contest, Pedroia was removed from the game with a wrist injury. The good news is that the x-rays came back negative and the team is not concerned about this being a more serious issue, but questions still remain as he was scratched from the lineup today as an extra precautionary measure.

Ultimately, Pedroia will be fine, but as I mentioned in my post on Wednesday, any joint or major muscle injuries have a tendency to linger, even when they aren’t serious. Pedroia is a catalyst to the Red Sox success in 2010, both offensively and defensively, so his presence on the field is crucial. I will feel much more relaxed once Pedroia gets some playing time the remainder of the Spring and is ready to go on April 4th.

Mike Lowell

Just this afternoon, Mike Lowell left the game with a right knee contusion. It is too soon to know the extent of the injury or if it will put him out of commission for any period of time, but given Lowell’s track record with injuries, this could certainly could be a bigger problem. More to come on this story as it develops.


Sox Looking to Add More

According to Nick Cafardo of, the Red Sox are looking to improve their roster and add a few more middle infielders and relievers before the start of the regular season. It is unclear whether they have a few players lined-up or if it is just a wish list, but given the injury status of several infielders on the roster, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some smaller moves for a solid minor-leaguer or two over the next few weeks.

In terms of relievers, it appears the Red Sox ownership are not confident in the group they currently have lined-up. The lefty specialist role will hopefully go to Alan Embree, but his status is unknown for the beginning of the season because of his late start this Spring. There seem to be plenty of arms for the Sox in the middle, but none that have established roles or any level of consistency. My guess, is the Red Sox would like to add another veteran with some post-season experience to add some stability in the middle.

Wakefield’s Forced to Wait

Even with Dice-K’s injuries and a probable DL-stint to begin the season, Tim Wakefield’s spot in the rotation is far from certain. The Red Sox have 3 off-days early in the season allowing Francona to pitch only 4 guys on normal rest for a few weeks if he chooses. The Red Sox have not said a peep about their plans (probably because they have no idea) to use a 5th starter and add extra rest for everyone or to not use the 5th starter slot until mid-April.

My guess is that the Sox will somehow squeeze Wake in to get at least one start within the first few weeks of the season and then take their time with Dice-K’s rehab. This is a rehash of the same, wonderful problem of having more starters than they can use right now, but it could get interesting once everyone is (hopefully) healthy in mid-April.