Lowell is the Epitomy of Class


Mike Lowell arrived at the Red Sox Spring Training facility yesterday without pomp and circumstance. He unpacked his bags after most had already left for the day and prepared for the media frenzy the next day. Since arriving in Boston, Lowell has exceeded expectations and has been a leader in the clubhouse. Even though he has been the focus of trade talks and was almost traded in December, Lowell has not said a bad word about the Red Sox organization and is a true example of class.

In a world of ballooning contracts and even more inflated egos, Lowell has always been a voice of reason and understanding. Today was no exception for the natural leader. Lowell spent over 20 minutes answering questions and discussing his future in the majors. He could have easily been upset with the Red Sox for trying to trade him or upset with management for signing Adrian Beltre to replace him, but he was instead understanding of the business of baseball and appreciate of his opportunity in Boston.

"I’m getting ready for a season. I think I’m pretty intelligent in a sense that there’s no real playing time for me here basically barring a major injury and I’m not really in the business of hoping somebody gets hurt so I can get at-bats. For me, I feel like I’m more prepared and ready for a full season than I was last year. So why shouldn’t I play more than I did last year? Whether it’s here or somewhere else? I can’t control that. – Mike Lowell"

As a Sox fan, and a supporter of all that Lowell brings to a club on and off the field, it is difficult to see him speaking about his future elsewhere, but baseball is a business. Lowell’s injury-ridden 2009 has probably paved the road for an exit from Boston, but his mark has been left on the Red Sox. He leads by example and would be a valuable clubhouse addition for a team looking to strengthen chemistry.

I doubt we will see Lowell in a Red Sox uniform in 2010, but you never know. Stranger things have happened in the business and game we call America’s sport. For now, we can admire Lowell’s ability to enjoy Spring Training with the Sox and give him the opportunity to prove himself on the field for potential future employers. For his sake, I hope Lowell is healthy and can be productive, regardless of where he plays.