Offerman Attacks, AGAIN


Just when you thought Jose Offerman’s big league career was over, he keeps on swinging. The only problem is that he’s swinging at umpires. What is so hard for Jose to understand? You can’t just attack anyone at will. After his vicious bat attack a few years ago, one would have thought either Offerman would be in anger management classes by now and far away from the game of baseball.

If you recall, while playing in the minor leagues in 2007, Offerman decided that getting hit with a pitch was his cue to charge the mound with a bat in hand, and proceed to take swings at the pitcher (See picture below). This most recent incident is even more troubling in many ways.

Who in their right mind would give Jose Offerman an opportunity to manager a ball club after his attack in 2007? It was only a matter of time until he tried to beat the crap out of someone again, and the most likely target was an umpire. Offerman would be better suited for a prime-time UFC fight than a spot on the end of the bench.

Offerman is a terrible example for young players in the Dominican and around the world. He needs some serious anger management classes and should not be allowed near the game of baseball ever again. He has done nothing but disgrace himself and the game of baseball.

It is incredible to think about how far Offerman has fallen since his All-Star campaign with the Sox in 1999. For the love of the game, Jose, walk away before you kill someone, literally.