Lowell Remains in Boston


After the Sox announced the trade of Mike Lowell to Texas, Red Sox Nation was upset, but understood the business move. Now, after discovering Lowell has a torn radial collateral ligament in this thumb, the trade has been nixed. Let’s just say it is an early Christmas present for Red Sox fans, because now they have their veteran leader back.

The bigger story that has emerged from this failed trade is that Mike apparently may have had this torn ligament problem during last season, which along with his hip surgery in last off-season, would explain his drop in production. Lowell was told before last season that the hip surgery he had would take a year to fully recover, so did the Red Sox actually luck out on this failed deal? If his hip is fully recovered, and the minor surgery goes well on his thumb, Lowell may be able to return to the everyday starter role at 3rd base for the Sox in 2010. Don’t count on it, especially considering Lowell is turning 36 in February, but anything is possible.

Ultimately, while the Sox had conceded to having Youkilis at 3rd base and Casey Kotchman at 1st base to begin the season, they may now be looking at Lowell at 3rd and Youkilis at 1st (assuming the Rangers don’t restart the Lowell trade). For Sox fans all all over the country, this is great news. Even if Lowell spends more time on the bench than on the field, having his calming, bilingual nature on the bench and in the clubhouse is a huge asset to this team. Welcome back Lowell, it feels like you never left. Oh right, that’s because you never did.