What is Theo doing?


Every day the Red Sox fail to sign Jason Bay, I get more and more nervous about the 2010 season. I don’t think signing Jason Bay will make the Sox a favorite to win the World Series, but it would be a step in the right direction to develop a nucleus of strong hitters in the middle of the lineup. You can imagine my frustration when Joe Urbon, Bay’s agent, came out and told the media they were ready to ‘move on’ and end negotiations with the Sox and shop Bay elsewhere.

Does Theo realize that if he offers a 5 year contract (one more than currently being offered), he can have one of the best offense outfielders in the game return to the Sox? He doesn’t actually think he has a shot at Matt Holliday does he? I have rarely been one to second guess the boy wonder, but thus far this off season, he has only disappointed.

First, Theo doesn’t make an effort to resign Alex Gonzalez, who was great for the Sox the second half of last season, and is one of the best defensive shortstops in the game. He proceeds to acquire Marco Scutaro, who has had one good offensive year (2009), and has career numbers that are not impressive (.265 average, 50 total homeruns in 7 years, and no more than 60 rbis in a single season). Then, Theo attempts to trade away Mike Lowell, for a decent catching prospect. Lowell has had injury problems, and needs to go to clear up some money, but without anyone to fill that infield spot, it is a risky proposition.

Last week, Theo acquired Boof Bonser. If you want my full opinion on Bonser, see my post from a few days ago,  https://bosoxinjection.com/2009/12/10/boof-to-the-rescue-or-not/, but all you need to know is Bonser’s career era is 5.12 and his record is 18-25. Clearly, only an insurance policy at best for the Sox. The problem is the Sox don’t need bench players, they need starters who will contribute next season.

Now, the Jason Bay situation is the most troubling. He hit .267 last season with 36 homeruns and 119 rbis in 151 games. There are only a handful of hitters in baseball that can boast numbers like Bay, and the Sox are apparently willing to let him walk away.

On top of the interesting acquisitions and lack there of, the likelihood the Sox land 1B Adrian Gonzalez now are pretty slim, thanks to Sox defect and new GM of the Padres Jed Hoyer. If this off-season passes and the Red Sox have not added a power hitter or two and another starting pitcher, fans can kiss next year goodbye. Thanks for nothing, Theo.