ALL ABOARDDDD! The Red Sox Nation Train


ALL ABOARDDDD!  For the final time in the regular season, the Red Sox Nation train is leaving the station.  The time is now for you the fans, to come along and enjoy this wonderful final adventure.  As the Boston Red Sox have just started their final road-trip of the season.  So hop on board and enjoy this 10 game, 3 city stop with the Red Sox.  Especially since we have a few lovely destinations in store for you this trip.

With scheduled stops in Baltimore, Kansas City and New York.  It’s a once in a lifetime experience.  As you will have the chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of a few great ballparks.  Plus quite a few Red Sox victories we’re hoping.  Our first part of this trip brings us to Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles.  Where the Sox have enjoyed great success over the years.  Especially this season as the Sox are 6-1 verse the Orioles on the road, with two games left to be played.

Our next destination brings you to Kansas City, which is the reigning capital of the “lonely” sports fans.  Where sports fans have been going to die a slow painful death recently.  It’s an area so lifeless when it comes to sports, that the start of the 2009 NFL season couldn’t ease their misery.  How could it, when they have to many cruddy teams, like the Kansas City Royals, KC Chiefs and the ever so crappy St. Louis Rams. 

If it wasn’t for the St. Louis Cardinals, giving them their only source of pride.  I’m afraid that the entire state of Missouri would be planning a gigantic mass suicide.  LOL, maybe not but you never know.

The Royals did show some promise at the beginning of the season as they started off fast ‘n’ furious in the 09 season.  Before they became the Royals of old, and quickly fizzled off the face of the map.  The Sox are currently holding a 3-1 record advantage verse the Royals.  As the two teams have only played one series so far this year.  With the series being held up in Boston right before the All-Star Game in July.  Let’s hope the Sox can grab at least 3 of the four games in KC.  

***Just a quick note on KC before we move on to the final stop.  Sports fans of the Chiefs, did have a lot to cheer about on last Sunday verse the Ravens.  As the Chiefs hung in there and matched the Ravens step by step pretty much most of the game.  Until the final few minutes of the game, when they just didn’t have enough.  So there just might be some signs of life and hope left for the great people of that area.***

The final stop of this season ending road-trip brings up back to good ole New York.  Where the battle of “Good vs Evil” will resume for the final time this season.  It just also might be where the AL East title is decided or the Sox wrap up the AL Wild Card.  Whatever is on the line, we can be assured of one thing when these two teams meet.  It’ll be a dog fight till the end, which just might carry over to the postseason. 

Will this series it be interesting?  Amusing?  Heart Pounding?  Stress-full?  Fun 2 Watch?  The answer to all of those questions and more is definitely a HELL YEAH it will be!  That’s a wrap…..let’s GO SOX!