Some Pissed Off Angels Tonight, As Red Sox Win 9-8!


Someone once told me a long time ago that angels are always happy, joyful and full of life.  I’m not so sure of that anymore after seeing the ending of the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox game.  Now let’s face it I only saw the final few minutes of the game, basically the bottom of the ninth.  But those were some pissed off Angels tonight, as Red Sox win 9-8!  From top to bottom (Mike Scioscia, Mike Napoli, Brian Fuentes) they were pissed, as they saw another lead slip away, as well as another win. 

It started with the Angels skipper Scioscia and the look in his eyes.  The expression on his face which I can only describe like “a man possessed” as he was fuming over blown calls.  His body language and the look in his eyes, was saying he wanted to rip some one’s (umpires) head off.  It didn’t stop with just Scioscia as Napoli’s and Fuentes shared his same view.  Their only mistake was letting it be known, especially towards home plate umpire Rick Reed over supposedly bad calls.

In my honest opinion they actually might of had a valid point, especially that non-strike 3 call to Nick Green.  But then again it worked out well for the Red Sox, so who am I to complain about it.  So to help you catch up after a back and forth contest all night.  I’ll fast forward from the beginning, the team’s combined to use 11 pitchers on the evening, in this see-saw type of game.  Which had the Angels jumping out to an early 3-0 lead verse Sox starter Paul Byrd.

Before the Red Sox scored 5 runs in the sixth inning, to take a 5-3 lead at the time.  Then it was LA’s time to storm back in the seventh with 4 of their own, as they regained the lead at 7-5.  Due to another cruddy performance by Ramon Ramirez, as he allowed 3 hits and 3 runs in his 1/3 inning of work this evening.  Until the eighth when Boston rallied for 2 of their own off Kevin Jepsen to reclaim the lead 8-7, going into the ninth. 

With me completely forgetting the game was on TV, I didn’t pick up the action until the Sox all ready had one out in the bottom of the ninth.  About 5 seconds after I turned ESPN on Mike Lowell flied out to center.  So with two outs and the Sox down by a run, it was time for something to go Boston’s way.  Boy did it ever as it was the big man David Ortiz’s walk that started the rally for Boston.  After Ortiz was lifted for a pitch runner Joey Gathright a single by J.D. Drew gave the Sox men on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs.

Up next was Jed Lowrie and Lowrie who’s had an injury plagued season came through with an infield single to load the bases.  Honestly it was a great stop on the part of Chone Figgins that kept the ball in the infield.  So after Figgins diving stop it was time for the “heartache” and “fuming” to begin.  With bases loaded and 2 outs all Fuentes needed was to get Green out and the game’s over.  But he wouldn’t be able to accomplish it after he quickly jumped ahead of Green 0-2, before Green started fouling pitches off and fighting his way to a 3-2 count. 

The count’s 3-2 and Fuentes throws a nice four seam fastball that just handcuffs Green.  That’s it the game’s over!  Angels win, right?  WRONG, it’s called ball four by Reed and Napoli and Fuentes start hopping up and down like crazy.  Scioscia runs to the top step yelling at Reed, giving him a piece of his mind.  To no avail I might add.  But very funny and quite amusing to watch it.  Green trots to first base, Gathright walks in with the tying run and the Fenway crowd is going ballistic.

Moments later the crowd would have more reason to enjoy the night as it was a single by Alex Gonzalez, that won the game for Boston 9-8.  On a night that saw a wild back ‘n’ forth game, it was only fitting that it would end this way.  Of course with the Sox coming out on top it makes for an even better ending.  As the Red Sox just won their seventh game in a row and second straight over the Angels.  For this evening all is well in Beantown, as the Sox win!  GO SOX!