American League’s Playoff Picture 9-5-09!


With just under a month left of action in the regular season it’s now or never for teams competing for the postseason.  As the playoff races are once again in full swing, especially with the American League.  If the season were to end today, we’d be looking at these four teams representing the AL.

  1. New York Yankees  –  AL East
  2. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim  –  AL West 
  3. Detroit Tigers  –  AL Central
  4. Boston Red Sox  – Wild Card Winner

ALDS Match-Ups would look like this:

  1. Tigers vs Yankees
  2. Red Sox vs Angels

Unfortunately the season isn’t over, just yet.  Which is great news for a few select teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, and even the Seattle Mariners.  As all 3 of them still have a real valid shot at winning the AL Wild Card

    Current AL Wild Card TeamBoston

  • Texas  –  2 back
  • Tampa  –  6 back
  • Seattle  –  7 back 

The news gets even better for the Rangers, as they are only 3 1/2 games behind LA, for the West.  Which still gives them a fighting chance to overtake the Angels and win their division.

I’d love to include the Minnesota Twins in this list, but the bad news for them and their fans.  They’re sitting 11 games behind Boston in the hunt for the AL wild card.  I’m just not seeing them being able to make up that much ground in less than a month.  So it’s NO PLAYOFFS for you in 2009.  Don’t be sad it just allows you more time to cheer for Brett Favre, and the rest of your Minnesota Vikings, since the NFL season kicks off in a few days.