6-3 Victory Over Tampa Bay Has Boston……


It’s been two years in the making but the Boston Red Sox finally have accomplished it.  What is it?  It’s a rare series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays down in Florida, at Tropicana Field.  As their 6-3 victory over Tampa Bay has Boston smiling and leaving on a high note.  Which is one thing they haven’t been able to enjoy or experience in quite a long time.  How long’s it been?  Just over two years, since it was late in the 2007 season the last time the Sox won a road series verse the Rays.

And there was no better time than the present for them to do so.  As last nights victory pushes the Sox record to 13-6 since mid August.  Which has allowed them to kind of keep pace with the division leading NY Yankees, in the AL East.  But more importantly it’s helped them distance themselves from the Rays (now 6 back) and the Rangers (now 3 back) in regards to the wild card chase. 

At this point in the season every game remaining now becomes much more important for Boston.  With only 29 regular season games left on tap for Boston, it’s crunch time now.  We all know that if a team keeps on winning, they can pretty much control their own destiny.  Which is what Boston needs to do at this point.  Just keep on winning, it’s that easy and fortunately for them the remaining schedule should allow them to do just that.  The bigger question on the the minds of Red Sox Nation is can they keep on winning, and control their own destiny? 

We’ll have that answer all in due time.  For now all that RSN and the Red Sox need to focus on is our next opponent, the Chicago White Sox.  As the Red Sox are in Chicago, for a 4 game series with the White Sox over Labor Day weekend.   The White Sox who are 7 games back behind the Tigers and the Twins, in the AL Central.  And yes, the same White Sox team now minus Jim Thome (recently traded) who lost 3 of 4 from us, last week at Fenway Park. 

Let’s hope that this series goes well for the Sox.  I’m talking our (Red) Sox not the impersonators who wear the non colored (White) Sox’s!  Let’s go Boston!