Going Green By Way Of Nick Green!


What’s a manager to do?  That’s the question which was on the mind of manager Terry Francona.  As the Chicago White Sox were hammering the Boston Red Sox 9-0, last night.  With Francona needing to save his bullpen for this weekend’s series verse the Toronto Blue Jays.  He needed to do something, and do it fast.  So he decided he was going green by way of Nick Green!

That’s right folks, the Sox went old school!  In a very shocking move which had most of the Fenway Faithful confused.  Francona made the call to the veteran shortstop, with hopes he could salvage the game.  Plus he needed Green to eat up an inning or two in relief, which would help save the bullpen and keep them fresh.  Since the starter for the Red Sox in the series finale Junichi Tazawa, was basically useless. 

As the other MLB Sox team, the White Sox jumped all over him, scoring 9 runs in the game’s first four innings.  Tazawa who now falls to 2-3 on the season, just didn’t have it as he surrendered 10 hits and 1 walk and a HR, on only 85 pitches.  The bullpen was called into action as Manny Delcarmen entered for two innings.  Followed by Ramon Ramirez who pitched the seventh, before Green took the mound. 

Overall Green actually did really good, as he pitched both the eighth and ninth innings, in relief.  He didn’t allow any runs or hits to the 9 White Sox hitters that he faced.  The only bad thing that actually happened while Green was on the mound, was the 3 walks he gave up.  But fortunately for Green and the Sox, the White Sox weren’t able to capitalize on them.

Green’s appearance on the mound marks the second time this season a Sox position player has been called to duty.  The other positional player to pitch for the Sox this year was Jonathan Van Every.  For the fans who might not remember Van Every, was called to pitch earlier in the season verse the Twins.