At first glance I thought the signing of John Smoltz, by the Boston Red Sox was a great idea.  GOOD RIDENCE AND SEE YA LATER!  That’s what I’m saying now!  I honestly thought Smoltz was going to be a great fit a Boston uniform.  As he was the jack of all trades in terms of pitching as he’s been both a starter and a closer.  I mean the man has 212 career wins as a starter, plus a 154 saves as a closer.  So either way the Sox used him he was going to be reliable and well worth it.

Smoltz who was coming off major surgery last June, and still rehabbing the injury, was happy.  The Red Soxorganization, all the fans were happy.  Even with the question of when he was going to be available, was still up in the air.  None of that mattered as Red Sox Nation, everyone thought he’d be a great fit.  The icing on the cake for all parties involved was the contract, as it was only 1 year deal, worth close to $5 million dollars.

What could possibly go wrong?  We had that answer pretty darn fast, it was Smoltz, himself.  He’d lost it as a starter, as he went 2-5 in 8 games with Boston.  In his 8 games he only pitched 40 innings, that’s an average of 5 innings per start.  I’m sorry that’s not going to cut, especially when you play in a Boston Red Sox uniform.

We expect and demand better, from our team.  Each time he took the mound the Sox, manager Terry Francona was calling the bullpen phone in the freak-in 4th inning.  As he needed to get the relief guys warmed up, as Smoltz was running out of gas.  Hey, John you might not to admit this, but your days of being a starter are OVERHere’s a nice BIG fact for you Smoltz, face the music, it’s time to forget that part of pitching.

The Sox gave you something when no other team wanted anything to do with you.  They gave you an opportunity, and you blew it.  Then Boston not willing to give up on you, offered you the chance to go back to the minors and work on things, even a shot in the bullpen.  What did you do to repay them for the chance they gave you?

Nothing, except you laughed in their face!  Thinking that you were better than just a setup man or closer.  They were willing to accommodate you on their team, but you wanted no part of it.  They wanted the leadership you bring with you, your knowledge of the game.  Boston was hoping that your postseason and game expierenc that you bring with you.  Would be passed on, to the younger players, but it wasn’t.

Being the scumbag that you are now (not always) you decided basically to take your ball and go home.  Hoping that the phone would ring and another team would come crawling to you.  Fortunately for you it happened, as the St. Louis Cardinals, reached out to you.  Now your back in the “show”  with the same crappy arm (as your 2-5 record indicates).  And you have no idea what role you’ll be filling on the Cardinals staff.

It worked out well for you in the end.  From the Sox point of view it could have gone better.  But myself personally, I’m thinking it worked out even better for the Sox.  As it showed the league they’re willing to offer up some charity and help a guy in need.  Like in your case, someone who was once great, but now is only mediocre at best.  More importantly is the bigger picture, as far as the Sox and their fans are concerned, is how they do it.

It’s done by not breaking the bank, as they did here with you.  Since the deal was only for $5 million for the year.  Even better news for the Sox, by signing you and trying you out.  They might have just lit the much needed fire under Clay Buchholz’s ass, that he needed.  Since he’s pitching better, can go 7 or 8 innings (unlike the 5 you could), and his future is looking better now, with the Sox.

So to end this, I’ll say you’ve this you’ve had a great career.  Don’t become the MLB version of Brett Favre, just retire and call it quits.  While you still have your good name, all the memories of a great career.  And while you still have your integrity intact.  Don’t tarnish them any more, than you have this season.