The Boston Red Sox & Victor Martinez?


With the trade deadline ready to expire in less than 90 minutes, the Boston Red Sox might be finalizing another trade.  According to multiple reports the Sox might be adding another big name to the roster.  No, it’s not RHP Roy Halladay from the Toronto Blue Jays. It’s the other big name who’s on the market, C Victor Martinez currently of the Cleveland Indians.  This move if the Sox could pull it off will be HUGE for the team. 

As the Sox would now have multiple options when it comes to catcher, first base, third base and also at the DH position.  Just hearing the news that the Sox might be adding Martinez is enough to have me giddy.  But here’s the added bonus, it’s looking like the Sox won’t have to part ways with P’s Clay Buchholz or Daniel Bard, to make this deal happen.  I know I haven’t been one of Clay’s biggest fans, but I still believe he might have potential as a number 2 or 3 pitcher for the team down the road. 

Just like I fully believe that Bard will take over the closer role on the team, within a year or two.  Based upon what happens with current closer Jonathan Papelbon, at the end of this season.  With Papelbon only signing a 1 year deal prior to this season, anything could happen.  And having a pitcher like Bard who could and can move right into the closers role would be a great thing for this team.

With the clock’s ticking closer to the deadline, as we now have less than 70 minutes before it’s gone.  That’s all for the time being, all that we can do now, is just sit back and wait.  I’ll have more on this and any other breaking news concerning the Sox, if and when it happens.  For the sake of the Sox and all of us in Red Sox Nation, I’m praying this deal works out!