Ortiz & Ramirez’s Were On The 2003 Doping List?


MLB has a steroid problem! Please, say it ain’t so.  Steroids in baseball!  You’ve got to be kidding me.  This isn’t new news!  We’ve known about this problem for many years, but according to a recent story broken by the New York Times, it might be affecting the Boston Red Sox.  OK, not the Sox directly but it could possibly affect current Sox player David Ortiz, as well as ex-Sox Manny Ramirez.

As it just been reported by the Times that both Ortiz & Ramirez’s were on the 2003 doping list?  Could it be true?  I have no idea, maybe they were on it, maybe they weren’t.  It just seems funny to me that their names are only NOW being mentioned, as opposed to 6 months ago.  When this story originally broken in February of this year, when Alex Rodriguez’s name was first leaked out.

Then again the recent names (Ortiz & Ramirez), as well as all the players who’s names have been linked.  Have come from the investigation that MLB started back in 2003.  This investigation and probe which OUR government is heading up, has been done entirely behind closed doors, keeping it a secret.  Now we all know that just because it has a government stamp of approval on it, it must be true!  The government would never knowingly “lie” to the public, or try to deceive us.  Would they? 

Now I just think this entire story, including the names on the list would have a lot more meaning. If they weren’t being leaked by lawyers and (so called)others, that are close to this matter, in secrecy.  Let these people (who are so secretive) actually have the BALLS, to stand in front of a camera and say this. 

If they were to do that on camera, then I’d take this more seriously. Let’s stop hiding and show your faces to the world.  Then we’d see how reliable all of this actually is.  Until that happens this will be nothing more than just rumors!

Just like Ortiz said Thursday, when questioned about this  “I’m not talking about that anymore,”  he said. “I have no comment.”  I’m doing the same thing on this matter until MLB, and the rest of these idiots who want to leak this crap.  Start doing so with the lights and cameras in their faces.  Until then enough is enough, let’s focus on what’s important, like the trade deadline!