Boston Red Sox Have Plenty To Worry About!


Here’s a few facts that just might be a tad concerning to the fans of Red Sox Nation, at the moment.  I know it’s only the end of July, and there’s still time to right the ship and correct a few things.  Especially with the July 31st trade deadline for MLB approaching quickly.  Which might help the club, if they’re able to pull of a major deal.  But still with just a little over 10 weeks left in the 2009 baseball season, fans of the Boston Red Sox have plenty to worry about! 

  • Boston held a 3 game lead in the division, after the break.
  • They’re  1-4 in five games, with a current 4 game losing streak.
  • The NY Yankees have been hot and “lucky” winning 5 straight.
  • The Sox for the first time since June 8th are out of first in the AL East, trailing New York by 1 game currently.
  • They’ve only managed to score 12 runs in those 5 games.
  • Their only victory is from Clay Buchholz, who was designated for assignment following the game. (Clay’s since been recalled due to Tim Wakefield going on the DL)
  • The club designated SS Julio Lugo (with the $13 million still owed) for assignment.
  • Pitchers John Smoltz and Brad Penny were both unimpressive in their starts.
  • Jonathan Papelbon is wasting away in margaritaville, since he’s only been used once, since the break.


  • They have no offense, it’s MIA!  Where did one of the league’s best hitting club disappear to?

A few of these facts aren’t much of a concern to me at the moment, like the losing 4 in a row, the Yankees winning 5 straight.  Even being 1 game back and the injury to Wakefield, as these things happen in baseball at various times over the course of a season.  It’s a fact and every team goes through it, and I’m pretty sure the Yankees will be experiencing the same thing (losing) very soon.  It’s the other’s that might start causing me to lose some sleep at night, LOL!