Who Can Stop The Bleeding For The Boston Red Sox?


The S.O.S has being sent out!  Who can stop the bleeding for the Boston Red Sox?  That’s the main question that’s on the minds of Red Sox Nation, at the moment.  The Sox have been down right horrible their last three games.  Losing the final two with the Toronto Blue Jays, and then losing last night opener with the Texas Rangers.  Making things even worse for the Sox is that while they were busy losing their last three. The team that was directly below them, won four straight, so now the Sox find themselves tied with the New York Yankees a top the AL East.

The Sox and their legion of fans across the world are hoping that the ace of the Boston pitching staff Josh Beckett, can and will answer that S.O.S call  tonight.  As Beckett takes the mound verse the Rangers, in the middle game of this three game set.  For Beckett it’s his first shot at securing his 12th victory on the season.  A victory tonight for both Beckett and the Sox is a major necessity.  Not only would the victory give Beckett the AL lead in wins again, but more importantly it would help stop the bleeding, the Sox have been suffering over the last few days.

So let’s stay tuned sports fans, we’ll have the answer to the most popular question in and around Boston, very shortly.  For the Sox sake and those of us in RSN, I’m hoping Beckett can shut the Rangers down, and bring us a victory!