Things I’ve Noticed Early On!


Thanks to the great people over at MLBN, I’m actually able to see the Boston Red Sox in action as they square off with the New York Mets at Fenway Park.  It’s game two of their three game series and here’s just a few quick things I’ve noticed early on in the game between the Mets and Red Sox. 

1. Pitchers need to just pitch and forget about fielding: 

This pertains to the Red Sox ace Josh Beckett, as anyone who watched the first inning of tonight’s game would agree with me on that comment.  With Gary Sheffield at the plate with two outs and down in the count Beckett tossed a nice inside pitch that tied up Sheffield so badly he popped it up into foul territory.  Great that’s an easy play innings over right?  WRONG, thanks to Beckett who decided he wants to show the world his jaguar like reflexes and speed and race after it.  That’s all fine and dandy if you make the play but all Beckett did was cut off third baseman Mike Lowell from easily getting to the ball, and the ball lands between them, no outs recorded.  Of course you guessed it on the next pitch Sheffield knocked home Carlos Beltran with an RBI single to left field, giving the Mets theearly 1-0 lead.

2. Running more on the base-paths: 

With one out in the bottom of the first and Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia on base the Sox did something very unexpected, a double steal.  The doing that it caught the Mets defense completely off guard and gave Kevin Youkilis an easier chance to drive in two runs.  And did he ever deliver as he knocked the next pitch from Mike Pelfrey into left and scored both Ellsbury and Pedroia as the Sox retook the lead 2-1.  Manager Terry Francona needs to get his team moving more on the bases, I’d love to see him toss in the sacrifice bunt every once in awhile also.  All these things would only help the Sox in the long run and it helps in keeping opposing teams defenses on their toes.

3. Batting order needs to be revised:

David Ortiz is not his normal self at the plate early on into the 2009 campaign, it’s not a shocker to anyone either.  His struggles are well documented as he went 149 plate appearances before he hit his first home-run on the season, and since that HR what’s he done?  JACK CRAP!  That’s what he’s done as he’s gone hit less since then and continues to strand runners on base at an alarmingly horrific pace.  Slide Ortiz down to the 5th or 6th spot in the line-up and move up J.D. Drew to hit in front of Youkilis.  Or even better push Youk, up to the 3rd spot and move Bay and Drew up a notch to 4th and 5th, place Ortiz in the 6th hole and pray for improvement.  To remove even more pressure from Ortiz the Sox should set up Lowell and Jason Varitek behind him to help drive him in, if he ever managed to get on base.

Hey those are just a few quick things I noticed in the early innings of tonight’s action, the action which is currently in the 7th inning.  Which also has the Sox still leading 2-1, thanks to get defense from Lowell, Ellsbury, Bay and Nick Green (loving Green at shortstop) which has helped back a great pitching performance on Beckett’s part.  Enjoy the rest of the action, remember to leave your thoughts and or comments anytime.  LET’S GO SOX!