Year Long Battle of “Good Vs Evil”!


This date the 4th of May, has been a long wait in coming, but a wait that’s been well worth it as fans of the Boston Red Sox have had this date circled and marked on their calendars for months.  So what’s so special about this date?  For all of you die hard baseball fans it marks the first of three trips for Boston to New York on the season.  As the Sox and the New York Yankees square off for the very first time in the Yankees new hitter friendly ballpark.  Also on tap in this short series will be the addition of two more installments in the year long battle of “Good Vs Evil”! 

For the Sox and their nation of fans the world and hopes rests on the shoulders of young Jon Lester.  Lester who’s (1-2) on the season matches up with another young star in the making, the Yankees own Phil Hughes (1-0) in game one.  Both pitchers will need to have their “A” game as they both face line-ups that are jam packed with heavy hitters.  Plus as we all know it only takes one bad pitch or inning from either of these men to break the game open for the other.  Especially with the way the ball has been leaving the stadium very quickly to right-field.

So episodes four and five will be unveiled for all the world to see beginning tonight and concluding tomorrow.  What could be better than seeing the Sox-Yankees play in person?  Well for those of you who aren’t mega-millionaires and can’t afford to shell out a boat load of money for a couple tickets, it’s going to be watching them play live on ESPN.  Which is what I’ll be doing since I refuse to pay the man (DirecTv/MLB) by ordering the MLB Extra innings package, LOL.  On last note for those who are curious the scorecard looks like this on the season, Good 3 and Evil 0.  Go Sox!