Good Ole Mother Nature!


Thanks to good ole mother nature, yesterday’s game with the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins, was postponed.  The thought of the day was “rain-rain go away come back another day” for those lucky enough to be holding tickets for the game.  But unfortunately mother nature just wasn’t going to cooperate and forced the cancellation.  So what’s MLB, go and do about the rain-out?  The geniuses in all their glory thought it would great to try and squeeze both games in on Wednesday, which was just another bad idea on their part.

Anyone that has a brain or a computer, can just as easily do what I’ve just done.  Go to, and check out the forecast for Boston, and you’ll see that starting around mid-afternoon the rain’s back, and it doesn’t appear to be going away for at least sixteen hours.  So why in the world would you try and force two games to be played, when you know from what’s fore-casted and predicted it’s going to last all day and night?

Instead of trying to force both games to be played today, all they had to do since the Twins, who don’t return to Boston again this season.  Was play an early game today, say around 12:05 to make-up yesterday’s game.  Then have both teams play the finale of the short series on their scheduled day off tomorrow.  It makes a heck of a lot more sense plus it’s really not an inconvenience as the Twins, only head to Ohio, for a series with the Cleveland Indians.  For the Sox, it’s no problem as they are staying home with the visiting New York Yankees, being in town over the weekend.

But then again this is Major League Baseball, and Bud Selig, we’re talking about and it seems that once, two things are clear.  One they never do the easy and simple solution.  And secondly they just LOVE sticking it to the Sox as they baby other teams in the league!  So this really isn’t much of a shocker to Boston and their fans.  As we are all use to this over the years happening!