Drew to Mets, Daniel Murphy to Sox–DEAL?

This is how Stephen Drew goes to New York to play for the Mets and the Red Sox get Daniel Murphy in a trade.  Would you make this deal?

New York GM, Sandy Alderson’s current SS is Ruben Tejada, who has a decent glove, but no bat:  2013 BA .202.  Or, Wilfredo Tovar, 22, BA .200.

Sandy-Alderson-2He is watching the SS pool of FAs shrink and his box office rival, the Yankees, might be satisfied with Brendan Ryan as their caddy for “Derelict” Jeter at SS, but Jon Morosi and Ken Rosenthal  say that the Yankees have made an offer to the #1 FA SS Stephen Drew.

Alderson has heard the Drew wants a Peralta-like deal [4-year, $53M], so he would need to clear some salary room in his budget.

Even the experts have made that calculation:

Adam RubinVerified account@AdamRubinESPN

Alderson acknowledged Mets won’t add another free agent of Stephen Drew caliber/price tag unless a contract is subtracted from payroll.

Andy Martino@MartinoNYDN

At least one rival team has been already been told #Mets willing to move Daniel Murphy this week.

The good news for Alderson is that signing Drew will only need to give the Red Sox his #52 slot in the June Draft.

2013 Stats with Boston Red Sox








124 .253 .333 .443 13 6 3.4

Alderson reads an item on HARDBALL TALK and is amused:

“Speaking to the media earlier today, Mets GM Sandy Alderson said he expects to start the 2014 season with Ruben Tejada at shortstop, tweets Jorge Castillo of the Star-Ledger.”

Running the numbers Alderson figures he will need to clear about $12.5 to $15M per year to make a successful offer to Drew.

His best trade chip is Daniel Murphy, 23, a career .290 hitter, who can play every position, except C, CF, and SS.

Maybe he could trade Murphy to the Red Sox for his #52 Draft slot?

Murphy would save the Mets $5.8, leaving Alderson $7-8M short of his goal.

  • Daniel Murphy (4.109):                             $5.8MM
  • Ike Davis (3.155):                                       $3.5MM
  • Dillon Gee (3.028):                                     $3.4MM
  • Bobby Parnell (4.132):                              $3.2MM
  • Eric Young, Jr. (3.123): $1.9MM
  • Lucas Duda (2.132, Super Two): $1.8MM

He could try to move Ike Davis, who has shown power potential, but is caught in the Mets’ malaise and that would give him a total savings of $9.3M, now about $3-4M short.

If he can unload a pitcher like Dillon Gee [$3.4M] or Bobby Parnell [$3.2M], he will be in the ballpark his telethon total: $12.5 to $15M.

In addition to matching the dollars with competing offers, Alderson has New York City to sell as a media hub that offers the Mets’ players publicity and opportunities for lucrative endorsements.

Alderson signs Drew to a 4-year $60M contract.

Alderson notices this item on MLB TRADE RUMORS:

If the Red Sox are intent on adding a shortstop or third baseman as well as a right-handed hitting outfielder, they’ll need to free up room by moving someone off their bench, tweets Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald.”

[RECALL  Daniel Murphy can play Third base and Corner OF.]


He calls Cherington and offers Daniel Murphy to the Red Sox for the Draft slot he loses by signing Drew and a pitching prospect.

Cherington, wanting to open up a roster slot,, dump some salary dollars and keep his prospects, counters with Dempster and the #52 Draft slot for Daniel Murphy.


Would you trade Dempster and the #52 Draft slot for Daniel Murphy?

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  • Pigs_in_Zen

    No, because Murphy’s dWAR is very poor.

    • Rick M

      Dempster has an astounding 1.2 WAR. His ERA was 4th worse among starters. His FIP, xFIP, and just about any traditional or advanced metric show the guy plain sucks. If the Sox can move him and save some cash I’m all for it. Dempster is a pitching pinata.

      Sox have been very good at admitting mistakes and that is exactly what Dempster is – a mistake.

      Murphy can hit rather well but is primarily a second baseman. His glove work – from what I have heard from a Med fan or two is spectacularly poor. They seem to have tried to hide him just about everywhere with no success. So…..I’m all for anything that gets rid of Dempster.

      • Pigs_in_Zen

        My non-endorsement of Murphy, in no way should be taken as an endorsement of Dumpster.

        Still, we don’t need a 2nd baseman and certainly not a poor one at that.

        Thing is with Dempster is, he has low trade value, as you know. However, if the Sox are going to have to eat half his salary, and they will have to, to move him, then they need to fill a need with what they get back. A ML CF would work. Not, Matt “Too much cash” Kemp, either.

        • Rick M

          I realize it was no endorsement. I just want to junk Dempster. If you get Murphy then move him during the season if need be.He’s nothing special.

          Sox have a pile of young pitching talent that deserves a shot. I’d certainly rather see Workman get the innings.

          After seeing some of the handouts to marginal talent there must be some GM that would take on Dempster. Heck….they can always call Magic. With players like Dempster it is usual a wait and see situation as teams get a feel in ST and April of their needs. That could cut down the vig you have to dole out with Dempster.

          Another serious OF glove would be my goal.

          • Pigs_in_Zen

            What do you think it would cost, and what would you be willing to give up to get Andrew McCutchen?

            Dempster, with us paying nearly all his salary, say $10 million and Jackie Bradley Jr. and Allen Webster. Too much? Would that package do it? Would you?

            I would, and here’s why… If you split Dempster’s salary in half and placed each half on what McCutchen costs it would still be a reasonable pay-rate for McCutchen.

            JBJ, might be a superstar, or… Mc already is, and is only 27 so it’s not like giving away the future. I’d do it. Would Pitt? Would you?

          • Rick M

            Huh? I said serious glove at not five tool! McCutchen isn’t going anywhere as he is locked through 2018. Sox wanted that rarefied atmosphere they could have had a bidding war with NY on Ells.

            Why in the world would Pittsburgh even trade him? And for our sloppy seconds and unknowns? You trade a talent like that it is either you can’t pay him (not the case) and you wish to rebuild (also not the case).

            Dempster is a payroll and performance albatross. You see what you can get (minimal) or how much of the contract someone will pick up.

          • Pigs_in_Zen

            My bad, I didn’t see that McCutchen had been extended. It would take way more to get him. Xander and everyone else that was young, good, and cost controlled. Oh well, we all need our fantasies. ;-)

          • Rick M

            LOL! My fantasies do not include baseball players. Then again, at my age a young hottie is around 60!

  • Harry Burnham

    Murphy hasnt played either the outfield or third base in over two years, and saw shockingly little time there when he did play (exactly 2 games in the outfield in 2011 and 28 at 3rd).

    Secondly, Ben can’t trade draft pick, as the only picks that are eligible for trades are those awarded through the competitive balance lottery, so if Sandy wants to sign Drew he loses that pick.

    Thirdly, if Sandy makes that deal, Boston doesnt get the #52 pick, the Mets simply lose that pick entirely, and the Red Sox pick up a compensation pick in the low 40′s/mid 30′s instead.

    For a clearer picture of the draft order, check out this Providence journal page:


    And, as much as I am all for trading Dempster, he is earning 13 million and change this season. The Mets arent going to take that money, so we would essentially have to PAY to get Ryan off of our hands, and I dont see that as a likely solution with only Daniel Murphy in return. the Amazin’s would need to up the Ante and offer a whole heck of a lot more for that to go through.

  • brickman

    I’m a Mets fan who saw most of the team’s games last year. Daniel Murphy can’t play ANY position. He’s improved at 2b to be where he’s merely the worst defensive 2b in the NL rather than the worst by far. He can hit and most of the time he hustles. I say most of
    the time because if he pops up, he goes into a fit of frustration rather than run the ball out. He got thrown out in a crucial late inning situation this season. I’ve been watching baseball for 55 years, he’s the dumbest ( in baseball terms) player I’ve ever seen. Many times he does something in the field you’ve never seen before that goes against the common knowledge of the way baseball has been played for 100 years. It seems to occur to him in the field, he thinks he’s making a smart, hustling play that no one has thought of before. He soon finds out why no one else does it.
    It may seem like I’m being hard on him but I actually like him and don’t want to trade him. He can hit, he steals bases, he doesn’t make trouble. There are things he can do well. Can’t say the same for some other players.