Yanks ink aging Ellsbury

So the deal is done. Jacoby Ellsbury is a Yankee. The Bombers have anointed him and Johnny Damon’d him and the results will be the same.

Ellsbury will be productive for a time and then the wear and tear, big money, complacency, comfort and Ellsbury’s fragility will catch up with him.

[*This is an Emeritus column from our former Editor, Steve Peterson, who always represented the essence of FANSIDED:  passionate fans, ranting.]

He’ll be in his mid-thirties when he nears the end of his contract. Yes, he’ll be productive for a time, especially with that joke of a right field porch in Yankee Stadium but in the end a leopard can’t change his spots.

This has been a long time coming. It started when Adrian Beltre mowed Ellsbury down in 2010, breaking his ribs in the process. The Red Sox were culpable in many ways for Ellsbury’s disastrous season and the demon seed that was sowed by their bumbling. They moved him to left field to make room for..for…anyone? That’s right, Mike Cameron. Ugh!

Without that move things might be very different fort Ellsbury and the Red Sox. He never would have been in left field and the turning point may never have come to pass. But it did happen and the wheels set in motion three years ago rolled on to New York on Tuesday.

After Ells broke his ribs Boston’s medical staff spent the better part of two months – how can I put this delicately – stepping on their dicks. He was misdiagnosed – twice- and he finally and rightly sought the expertise of a thoracic specialist who finally got it right.

In the meantime, some teammates, namely Kevin Youkilis, didn’t make things better when he called out Ellsbury’s toughness. The situation devolved from there.

The bottom line was that Boston’s medical staff messed this up to a fare thee well and in the process cast the die that ultimately and predictably propelled Ellsbury into the arms of the Evil Empire.

Enter agent Scott Boras. This is pure conjecture on my part but I can only imagine how he kept whispering in Ellsbury’s ear, “Bide your time and wait until the end of the 2013 season when your contract is up. Then you’ll show them and get what you deserve.” And indeed Ellsbury has gotten just that. Talk to me in four years and tell me how that’s working out for you Jacoby.

I get the business of baseball. I understand greed and the economics of putting butts in seat. What I don’t understand is how a player who is on top of the world in one of the best baseball cities in America simply walks away, cashes out and moves over to a franchise clearly not as well managed as the one he is leaving.

OK Yankees fans, it’s your time to go nuts and start chanting 27. I’m not interested in 27. I’m interested in three in the last 10 years. That’s what counts here and now.

You’ve been outmaneuvered, out flanked and out smarted by your rivals in the past decade and with the mileage on your players, Jeter clearly on the wane and Rivera retired, Jacoby Ellsbury isn’t your answer.

This move isn’t going to fix it. Ellsbury will be booed long and loud at Fenway Park from here on in and it will be as much for Boras as it is him.

I loved the guy. He is gifted. He predictably had a great 2013 walk year season. Mark it on your calendar kids. His cumulative output with the Yankees wont approach what he did in Boston.

We saw him during his best years.

Bring on JBJ and Shane. Go Sox!


Guest columns by our former Editor, Steve Peterson, will appear whenever Steve gets worked up and we a glad to hear his rants again.  [Earl Nash]

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  • Martini_NY

    Disagree. Jacoby “s output will be greater in NY. He was made for Yankee stadium. Typical Boston fan article. their laughing out loud on this signing but crying inside. In their heart, they know the Yanks did well here!!

    • JoeDaBeast

      I also enjoy the title of the article (Yanks ink aging Ellsbury) and then call the short porch in right field “a joke” but Sawx players adjust their swing to take advantage of (Bucky Dent’s) Green Monster. I agree Martini on your author’s assessment, because my co-workers that are Sawx fans were visibly upset over the signing, as well letting McCann get away and having to sign AJ Pierzynski. Not exactly what you’d call a “clubhouse asset” that has allowed them to be so successful the past 10 years.

      • John Fahrer

        Pierzynski a superior defender to McCann, who appears to be in decline. Plus we actually have prospects emerging at the catcher position, something you guys don’t.

        • JoeDaBeast

          Superior defender has nothing to do with a toxic clubhouse. I thought you all don’t want to relive the Bobby Valentine type ballclub

          • John Fahrer

            You do realize that most of the guys who’ve played with him in the past have had nothing but the best things to say about the guy as a teammate, right? He’s a competitor who rubs OPPONENTS the wrong way. Back in 08, we hated Gomes for the same reason.

          • John Fahrer

            And I personally don’t look too much into clubhouse chemistry. It’s a nice thing to have. But there have been plenty of sub-.500 teams where everybody got along. Ditto successful teams with guys who couldn’t stand one another (ex: Bronx Zoo).

            The real secret of the success was guys staying healthy and the emergence of prospects particularly at pitcher.

    • John Fahrer

      Yeah we should’ve topped that ridiculous offer for a guy who’s got an injury history, ONE full season OPS over .800, doesn’t walk enough as a leadoff guy (his OBP will be miserable when he becomes a .270 hitter), and has a weak throwing arm.

      Leadoff/CF is the most taxing job after catcher. That contract is absolutely ridiculous. I’m absolutely thrilled you guys have yet to learn you’re lesson and keep on mortgaging the future. You guys will still be a third place team in 2014 while Bradley wins ROY and a gold glove.

      I’m sure Ellsbury will do fine the first few years. But after that?

  • http://bosoxinjection.com/ Earl Nash

    In 2012 Ellsbury seemed to lose his “pull power” to LF: “Ellsbury is slugging .349 on pulled pitches this season, or less than
    half of the MLB average for lefty hitters (.708). Part of the problem
    could be that he’s trying to pull pitches that he should take to the
    middle or opposite field. Forty-six percent of the pitches that Ellsbury
    has pulled have been thrown on the outside corner, versus 29% last
    season.” [http://www.baseballanalytics.org/baseball-analytics-blog/2012/9/8/ellsburys-pull-power-disappears.html]

    “In an anomaly season he hit 32 home runs and slugged .552. But, after Ellsbury missed three months due to a dislocated right shoulder he has been a banjo hitter even by the modest power standards he set earlier in his career. He’s slugging just .354 in 253 plate appearances, compared to .405 from 2007-2010.”

    As Steve mentioned, there was some questions about the quality of care from the now-fired training staff and it makes me wonder if the injury does not explain why he has been unable to hit the long ball very often.

    Since his defensive range, SBs, and infield hits [and stretching singles into doubles] all hinge on his speed tool, what happens as his speed naturally declines in the back end of his contract?

    I wish Ells well and want the Yankees to come back as rival for the Sox; beating out the Rays is not as much fun.


  • Bigchief

    You have got to be kidding with this article, yanks are greatest sports team ever something the sox will never be . Why can’t you be happy with what the sox have done instead of bashing the Yankees and here it is 27 to 8 good luck catching up

    • John Fahrer

      The way things have gone lateley (3 to 1 since 2004), we will catch up because you guys are run by morons and they keep appeasing blowhards like you.

      • JoeDaBeast

        I’m sure there are only great fans for the Sawx!

        • John Fahrer

          Did I even make that claim?

          I’m not saying we don’t have bad apples of our own. But I’m not the one trolling NYY blogs and websites and making snide remarks.

          • JoeDaBeast

            Never trolling, just commenting on the sites that my feeds forward to me that I feel need to be made. The proof will be felt in October when the Yankees are still playing and the Sawx are watching the games on TV.

          • John Fahrer

            Actually it’ll be the other way around. These guys won’t fix your crappy rotation or close out games, and you have NO young talent emerging. You are a typical Yankme with a low IQ.

          • JoeDaBeast

            You’re such a bad man! Hurt your feelings? Didn’t think so, just like you didn’t impact mine. Am I concerned about the loss of Cano? Sure, but am I more concerned about paying him into his late-30s and early-40s? Glad we are not. The program and team will be fine. The only difference in who’s running our team is that George is no longer with us. The Sawx will come crashing back down to Earth in 2014, I guarantee it.

          • John Fahrer

            Wow. Not a troll yet you keep making troll comments. We actually came back to earth this past season and 2012 was a fluke. You really can’t accept we have a better overall organization right now can you? How about giving some actual facts as to why you’ll supposedly pass up not only us, but the Rays and O’s as well. Until then go and play with your ticke me Jeter doll.

            10 years for Cano is still better than 7 years for Ellsbury. At least he’s a middle of the order hitter who’ll hit more HR at the end of his deal than Ells will in any of the next 3 or 4.

          • JoeDaBeast

            You probably downed Damon when he came to the Yankees and Roger and Boggs. Who is the most successful player that the Sawx got from the Yankees? Probably make a smart a$$ comment about that, but you won’t have any one better than ours.

          • John Fahrer

            I recall the NYC newspapers labeling Damon as the worst FA signing ever back in 07. We won another WS without him before he did without us. And he came to NY to leadoff and play CF and he left doing neither.

          • John Fahrer

            Clemens was on HGH with you guys and Boggs wasn’t the player he had been for us.

            You’re still not making a point. You’re really embarrassing yourself and your idiot fan base right now even more than the 2014 edition of your team will.

            I’m not claiming Ellsbury won’t have decent seasons in NY. I’m saying he will decline during the deal. There’s no way he’s going to be stealing 50 bags at age 35. And he can’t pitch.

            I’m still waiting for you to make an intelligent point to back up your ridiculous “guarantee” which I’m taking as seriously as I do a 911 Truther. You guys’ rotation is trash and you have NO young talent to inject in an aging lineup. You guys will be in fourth place this season behind the Sox, Rays, and O’s who are much deeper in pitching and young impact talent.

          • JoeDaBeast

            I’m glad you think that I’m embarrassing myself, except your opinion on that REALLY doesn’t matter to me. Even more so you never indicated the player who left the Yankees for the Sawx.

          • John Fahrer

            There’s currently nobody on your expensive fourth place that I would want. Who cares about past players who went to NY or ones who came to Boston from NY.

            You honestly think Ells, McCann, and Beltran are in NY to win? If winning, not the huge pay days, mattered they would’ve stayed where they were for less money like Pedroia did.

            Throwing millions of dollars has rarely worked and even more so in this era. The real key to success is youth and depth and you guys currently have neither. And you punted your first second and third round picks for 3 guys who’ll be a combined 97 years old next season. You guys really should be cleaning house in the front office and raiding the Boston, Tampa, and St. Louis front offices for their best execs.

          • JoeDaBeast

            I’ll bookmark this time so I’ll either eat crow or see you make excuses.

          • John Fahrer

            Hope the blackbird tastes good for your sake.

            I must make a correction: you guys are actually in line to punt your first rounder and the two sandwich picks you were in line to receive for Cano and Granderson rather than the second and third rounder. Second round pick would be the next to go if they sign anymore QO FAs.

          • John Fahrer

            And you just lost your 30 homer second baseman to the M’s.

  • Rick M

    Best NYY team competition since Maris versus Mantle will be the stolen base and triples race between Ellsbury and Gardner. Good luck, Ells….you will be missed.