Should the Boston Red Sox Trade for Giancarlo Stanton?

It’s the offseason and for the Boston Red Sox and the loyal Nation that follows, every rumor from the hot stove will be analyzed, discussed and decided if it’s the right one for the ball club.

Not surprisingly, Giancarlo Stanton has again become the subject of trade discussions and whether or not the Red Sox should pursue a deal with the Marlins to land the coveted slugger.

Chad Finn of the Boston Globe wrote a great piece on why he thinks the Sox should try and acquire the 24-year old outfielder from the fish and writes that every young player should be available in the Boston offer except Xander Bogaerts.

Of course it’s easy to sit and say that the Sox should put an extreme offer together and make the Marlins even remotely consider it.  But Marlins GM Dan Jennings has stated that Stanton is not available.  Period, end of story according to the Miami organization.

Finn states that a four or five-player deal might be enough to make Jennings  re-think his stance on his prized possession.  Possible players mentioned as possible trade bait in Finn’s deal include  Matt BarnesAnthony RanaudoAllen WebsterWill Middlebrooks and Garin Cecchini to capture a few.

There is a boat load of talent in this list and any deal that would land Stanton would likely take an offer greater than the one that brought Adrian Gonzalez to Fenway Park.  And every Red Sox fan remembers how that deal turned out.

While it’s not to compare Gonzalez to Stanton and the current Marlin’s all-star is younger than when Gonzo came over, it’s hard to fathom giving up that much young talent again for one player.  In other words, is it worth robbing the prospect cupboard for one outfielder?  It is one hell of an outfielder however who would be in a Red Sox uniform for the long-term and his talent alone would make this team instantly better, not to mention the protection he’d provide in the batting lineup.

With David Ortiz likely to retire in the next couple of years, having Stanton’s bat could be viewed as his replacement, not to mention he is the type of player any GM would like to build their team around.

But is it worth venturing down that road that Theo Epstein took and all but selling the farm?  The Red Sox have done a great job of replenishing their prospects and this year the baseball world took note that retaining and developing your young talent can pay off in huge spots.  Is it time to ship a handful of the future over to Miami for Giancarlo Stanton?

Take part in our daily poll and let’s gauge the interest of Red Sox Nation on where they stand on trading for Giancarlo Stanton.

Should the Red Sox try and trade for Giancarlo Stanton?

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  • Michael Macaulay-Birks

    without Bogarts as the centerpiece, Stanton is out of the Sox reach, and even if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t want to see them sell the entire farm system to replace the reigning AL Gold Glove winner…

    • Edmund Jr.

      What if you made Bucholz available? Middlebrooks, Bucholz, and a few minor league prospects.

      • Michael Macaulay-Birks

        I hadn’t actually thought that far, I like WMB, but think his value might be a little soft right now due to his gaffes defensively in the WS and the fact he’s a strikeout machine. If we could get anything of value for Clay, I think they’d have to at least listen…we have some good pitching in the minors that are close so I wouldn’t be opposed to saying goodbye to Clay..

        • John Fahrer

          Marlins won’t take Buchholz because his salary will be over eight figures after next season.

          Middlebrooks still has trade value. Even if his flaws are rather obvious and he doesn’t fit the Red Sox philosophy, he still has legit power and plenty of years of club control left.

          I’d say one of Doubront or Henry Owens, Middlebrooks, one of Matt Barnes (only if they take Doubront over Owens)/Anthony Ranaudo/Allen Webster, Christian Vazquez, and two of Jackie Bradley/Mookie Betts/Bryce Brentz.

          Losing Bradley will hurt a bit. But Garin Cecchini could be capable of switching to center field given his athleticism (I consider him almost as untouchable as Bogaerts).

          • Shane Heathers

            Garin Cecchini is not as athletic as you would like to think. He stole 53 bases in low A ball because of insticts. This year he was 23 for 32 in stolen base attempts in A/AA. His speed is considered just slightly above average. Most scouts have rated it as a 55 on the 20-80 scale (50 being average). Nothing about him says centerfielder. If Mookie Betts continues his ascent through the farm system he might be a candidate to move to centerfield given that Pedroia is now here for another 8 years. I like Stanton but it’s probably going to take Owens/Betts/Middlebrooks/Barnes to get it done. No thanks. Stay the course. What Betts did last year was as impressive as any prospect the sox have had going back to Nomar. I really would like the Sox to keep him.

          • John Fahrer

            I remember saying he probably will only be a 15-20 steal guy in the bigs. Regardless, the guy has the potential to be our version of Alex Gordon. Pure hitter who fits the philosophy of the organization and a superior athlete and hitter to Shea Hillenbrand 2.0 (Middlebrooks).

            There’s also a chance Betts falls flat at the upper levels and the time might be the best chance to sell high. The ESPNBoston top prospect review only projected him as a utility player.

            If Middlebrooks isn’t dealt in a package for Stanton, he will be dealt for a reliever or two. The guy doesn’t fit the organization’s philosophy with an impatient plate approach. Also a mediocre defender at third.

            Stanton would be worth it as long as the package doesn’t feature Bogaerts. Though I’d do all I could to hold onto at least one of Barnes or Owens (try to convince them to take Doubront over Owens, but if they take Owens they can only have one of Webster or Ranaudo). Can’t avoid making a big splash forever just because the recent ones didn’t work out. Stanton’s not an aging speedster. He’s potentially Manny Ramirez minus the headaches.

    • John Fahrer

      They could probably get a deal done without Bogaerts being involved. This is the best farm system in MLB in terms of MLB-ready or nearly ready prospects.

  • Rick M

    I’d love to see him land in Boston and have been posting on it all summer. If the price is right there is plenty to explore. I’m sure the Sox would not ship off X-Man.

  • Edmund Jr.

    Bogaerts is off limits. That said, I would 100% offer a package that includes Clay Bucholz and Will Middlebrooks. Both are big league talent locked up for multiple years.

    • Len Biz

      Buchholz? Seriously? Yes…he’s fragile. But he’s also very good! Package Peavy and Dumpster with Middlebrooks and one other talent!

      • Edmund Jr.

        Bucholz is decent. And are you crazy? If you want a guy who is 24 and potentially a 40 HR, .300 hitter in Fenway you have tot race good players to get him, not all the trash on the roster.

      • John Fahrer

        A rebuilding team like the Marlins will have no interest in Peavy or Dempster. They’ll want young and inexpensive arms to build for the future.

    • John Fahrer

      Highly doubt the Marlins would bite on Buchholz because of his salary. He’s making $7.7 million next season, $12 million in 2015, and $13 million options in 2016 and 2017.

      They’ll want young pitching under club control like Felix Doubront or Brandon Workman and some of the up and comers like Henry Owens, Anthony Ranaudo, Matt Barnes, and Allen Webster.

    • John Fahrer

      Totally agree that Bogaerts should be off limits and likely will be. Would also put Garin Cecchini up there too. Though they seem set at 3B with Bogaerts (assuming they either keep Drew or sign a FA), Cecchini’s athletic enough to move to another position. Possibly CF which could make Bradley available.

      The most generous package I’d offer: One of Doubront/Owens, one of Barnes/Ranaudo/Webster, Will Middlebrooks, Christian Vazquez, and two of Bradley/Bryce Brentz/Mookie Betts.

  • Len Biz

    Good grief, people…are you clueless? The only bigger, young head case than Stanton is Puig! How soon you forget how important team chemistry is. Stanton is a cancer…we just got rid of Beckett, Gonzalez, and that losing whiner Crawford for being cancerous!

    • Edmund Jr.

      Beckett, Gonzalez and Crawford were cancers as a group. Surrounded by the guys currently on the Sox any young player could be well groomed. Plus, we have a good coach now. Bobby V couldn’t manage head cases, and Franconna was too nice for it. Farrell won’t take nonsense.

    • John Fahrer

      Chemistry’s rather overrated. There have been plenty of losing teams that featured players that got along splendidly and there have been teams that had great success despite having guys who couldn’t stand one another (The Bronx Zoo Yanks, the Jeff Kent/Barry Bonds Giants).
      It wasn’t the come all/end all for the 2013 Sox. The big difference makers were improved starting pitching, players staying healthy, and more contributions from the farm. Those guys we shipped out as well as Puig also made the postseason this year too.

      Don’t recall hearing or seeing anything saying Stanton having a bad reputation as a teammate.