June 20, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Boston Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks (16) at bat against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Is Will Middlebrooks In The Doghouse?

After last night’s fielding adventure by Brandon Snyder at third base with two outs in the ninth inning, somebody needs to explain to me why Will Middlebrooks is not at third base for the Red Sox.

I know they sent him down to work on his swing but is he being punished for his lack of hitting in the first half?

Because I can’t think of any other reason why, when Stephen Drew went on the DL, that Middlebrooks was not recalled from Pawtucket to assume his spot at third base.

Snyder might be a nice story but there’s a reason he has shown ability to hit yet was released by two other teams (Rangers, Orioles).  It must be his fielding, stupid.

And yet, Brock Holt started the game at third for Boston so Snyder apparently came in for late inning defense.  Huh?

You cannot lollipop a throw over your second baseman’s head into right field and cost your team a game they should have won easily.  I highly doubt Middlebrooks or Holt would have made the same play.

Is Middlebrooks really that deep in management’s doghouse that we have to be subjected to amateur hour with Snyder?  Get this guy out of here, pronto.  He’s not a real major league player, I’m sorry.

If this loss sends the team on a nosedive on this west coast trip, you have to seriously ask yourself why Brandon Snyder was on this team at all when you had a perfectly healthy Middlebrooks ready to come back.

Apparently management is so busy fawning over Xander Bogaerts as the next great third baseman (even though he’s a shortstop by trade) that they forgot they already have a perfectly capable one ready to assume his regular starting role in Middlebrooks.  A guy that produced for them big time last year in the majors.

Hope ‘ol Xander lives up to all the hype once he gets to Boston because Snyder certainly is no viable alternative as we saw late last night in Anaheim.

For more on this fiasco check out my thoughts on the game here.

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  • Rick M


  • John Fahrer

    The guy’s 2 for 11 since his little offensive explosion on July 3rd. He’s not up because he can’t hit. He needs to consistently put up good numbers and he’s not doing that. It’s not a matter of being punished. The guy needs to improve his offense. They can’t afford to just let him man third and make 3-5 out per game.

  • Conor Duffy

    Middlebrooks was not called up as soon as Drew got hurt because the Red Sox had to wait 10 days to recall him. He won’t be starting once Drew returns, so keep him in the minors to get momentum.

  • Willy W

    Wow, way too much assuming here. First of all WMB is NOT a GG 3rd basemen & 2nd of all he was struggling so bad at the plate he became a Bench warmer in favor of Iggy. If you have a problem it should be that we have Drew at all. OR how about why the team is catering to a 1 yr rental by not shifting him over to 3rd base since he has more power than Iggy & his bat would play better at 3rd then short. Whether WMB is the 3rd basemen of the future has yet to be determined but he’s running out of time as Bogaerts may end up taking the spot. WMB has earned nothing, deserves nothing, so to say he would do this or that is ridiculous & based purely on specualtion. Is it maddening… that Snyder threw the ball away, caused the game to be tied? YES but we have no way of knowing that Holt, WMB, Drew or anyone else wouldnt have done the same. The bigger problem isnt with who is at 3rd but who the hell is in the bullpen. Farrell has overused so many of these guys that their tired already & it shows. The bullpen, not the 3rd basemen, threw that game away( cause how the hell do you have a 4 run lead & watch it disappear?, it’s called bad pitching).
    Why Ben hasnt acquired someone to help the pen… is the real problem & is beyond most Sox fans. What the hell is he waiting for? the deadline, ha ha, hey Ben you dont have to wait! We also have some guys in Pawtucket but if they arent good enough then once again its on Ben to acquire someone that is good enough & he shouldnt be waiting.

    • John Fahrer

      Bogaerts will take the 3B job next season. Then Cecchini will take it from Bogaerts (who will go the Ryan Braun route from 3B to LF in two seasons) in 2015. Middlebrooks, if he isn’t dealt, will likely move to 1B. Would hate to give up on him (unless he’s traded for Cliff Lee) as some power hitters tend to blossom late. Look at Chris Davis.

      I mentioned in a different post that Alex Wilson isn’t worth keeping. He allows WAY too many baserunners. Not a good thing for a reliever.

      They’re looking into acquiring Matt Thornton. Only a lefty specialist, but will take some of the burden off of the bullpen and won’t cost much in terms of prospects.

      • Willy W

        I agree & see the same things as you John ( Big shock, LOL). Im OK with Thornton, not in love with him but… IMO they need more than just him & I say that because the bullpen has beensubpar even with a healthy & lately more effective Miller. Tazawa & Uehara have been overused & look tired of late. So to me they need a reliever ( Thronton or whoever) & a Closer, so we can slot people back into where they belong. As for a SP, I dont want Garza, only want Lee or a #1 SP only. As for 3rd base, there has been talk about acquiring Young, which Im ok with but he isnt the perfect soluion as they really need a RH Power bat that can hit 3-5, that really isnt Young so…

        • John Fahrer

          Uehara’s been fine in the closer’s role overall. Getting Thornton will allow Miller (who’s actually better vs RHP this season) to be in a more expanded role. At some point, they can give Rubby DeLaRosa, Brandon Workman, and maybe even Anthony Ranaudo a try. Highly doubt Cherington will give up too much to acquire a reliever making much more than Thornton.

          Rotation-wise, Lee is the best option. But at this point, it looks pretty stable. They seem to have enough reinforcements in the minors and they’ll have Buchholz back soon.

          Young definitely doesn’t hit the HR power profile, but he can hit, is versatile, and is a FA after the season. Doubtful they’ll want to block the paths of any of their prospects.

          • Willy W

            Agreed. As for Workman & Ranaudo, there is no way in hell Id mess with them at this point. These guys have finally “figured” things out & are pitching well. I dont want to take them from being a valuable Starter in their leagues to a Reliever in ours, no way, leave them alone. As for giving up prospects to acquire what the team needs ( #1 SP, 1-2 Relievers/Closer, RH Power bat for most likely 3rd base) we have a ton of good to great prospects that wont all be ready at the same time, so why not use Some, not the “Untouchables”, to acquire what this team needs & may very well push us over the edge…? I would

          • John Fahrer

            Push over the edge? They have the best record in the AL right now and they’re doing it without much home run power and the absence of their ace.

            There’s really nobody out there who is worth draining the farm for besides a Cliff Lee and even he shouldn’t be worth a huge haul given his age and remaining salary. No way would I trade for Aramis Ramirez who is owed a ton of money and only has five homers on the year. The OF is fine as is. They have some good options in AAA in Brentz and Bradley. Giancarlo Stanton will cost too much and I fear the possibility of him adjusting to Boston the same way Gonzalez and Crawford did.

            Workman will be a reliever long-term. Ranaudo will be a starter. But having him pitch in relief to start out his big league career won’t kill his development. Having a stud starter prospect work out of the pen is different from a hitting prospect playing a bench role. The pitching prospect will actually develop from being exposed to different situations.

          • Willy W

            What I mean by push over the edge is they may be good enough to win the division or make it into the playoffs but if the team remains as is, only promotes from within, they wont win a WS Championship. If they can keep ahold of lets say Bogey, Brentz, Owens (players I believe they desperately need for their future) use other solid prospects like Barnes, Cecchini… to acquire lets say (Lee, Relievers Cishek & Thornton, 3rd/OF Cuddyer)- players who I believe would give them the pieces to make it to & possibly win another Championship. If there is absolutely no way to acquire those players w/o adding in those 3 or so players above then & only then would I stand pat or only make a minor move, otherwise Id go for it.

          • John Fahrer

            Besides the fact that all of those deals would completely plummet the farm, they’d be taking on two huge salaries. Cuddyer’s a good player. But he would be an expensive roadblock. Don’t want to trade much for either Cishek or Thornton. The fact that Cishek is under club control until after 2017 will up the asking price.

            This team has a legit chance to win a WS if they make a couple of minor tweaks or even just remain as is. Even if they don’t, keeping the best pieces in tact keeps them in position to win more down the road.

          • Willy W

            Those are just names I threw out there but Im sure you know by now how much I like Lee & really want him on our team. Whether its Cishek or Vincent or… isnt as important as finding the right guys to push the team into a WS threat. I firmly believe they arent good enough to win it all. One of the reasons I havent completely jumped on board with this years team is ive been waiting to see how they would do against the NL, against the West coast teams away from home & also if they would improve against Lefties, as they have been poor against all those things for years now. So far they have done well against the NL, still lousy against lefties & theyve started this west coast trip off poorly. I still see the need for those 3-4 things ( #1 SP, Rel/CL, RH Power hitter) that I saw over a month ago & wrote about in my Blog. I dont want to completely drain the farm but Id also like to win another championship. The problem with being so protective of these prospects is that they wont all be up with the big boys at the same time, so how will they take advantage of it? Along the way they will lose players like Ells, Salty, Victorino, Uehara, Lackey… that have helped them to get to this point. Who’s to say that Bradley jr, Brentz, Rubby DLR, Swihart… will get them this far? There are no guarentess, so make a list of untouchables, a list of needs & try to get something done, because a Championship could be hanging in the balance if they dont.

          • John Fahrer

            There really aren’t going to be any right-handed power hitters available. I have a feeling they’ll have Young before it’s all said and done. He’ll help their production vs LHP.
            Even if they’d be willing to pony up for Cuddyer, the Rox might not be willing to sell. They’re still in the hunt for their division.

            Highly doubt they’ll be making a trip out west to start out the playoffs. More than likely they’ll be playing Detroit or the WC team if they aren’t an AL East team. If they go 5-5 or even 4-6 on this road trip, it would be a successful road trip.

            Most of our top ten will be up this season. Cecchini will be up next. Owens and Swihart the next two. It’s a pipeline. Not turning out new players came back to haunt them.

          • Willy W

            I ackowledged earlier that the Rockies may not be dealing as their still in it. Like I said, just throwing certain names out there, not stuck on any1 player per se. I also agree that we have to keep a pipeline of players BUT there should be a list of Non-touchables & ones that can be had for the right return. All teams do that, the Sox shouldnt be any different. You cant completely covet every single prospect, make all of them untouchable… that would be ridiculous & or fool hardy. If they could acquire those 3-4 players this team needs to make them a legit WS threat & not move those untouchables then Ben has to do it or he’s a fool… You only have so many chances to win it all, you have to do what it takes to get your team there, minus selling off the “untouchables” as Ive said.

          • John Fahrer

            I have no problem in dealing guys who are near mlb-ready like Britton and Workman or high-ceiling 2B prospects like Sean Coyle or Mookie Betts. There’s also a handful of guys who are Rule 5 eligible this season who will likely not be protected: Keury DeLaCruz, Brandon Jacobs, Michael Almanzar, Jeremy Hazelbaker. Those are all guys I would trade.

            Didn’t bother to mention Ball or Denney because they’re ineligible to be dealt.

            No way am I trading Cecchini, Webster, or DeLaRosa. Cecchini will be the next Boggs. Webster’s stuff’s getting praise right now in his adjustment to the bigs. DeLaRosa could definitely be an awesome closer. But he’s an intriguing option as a starter too.

          • Willy W

            Hey John, On my way into Mass today I heard Jon Heyman talking about the Sox & what they need in trade. He basically said the same thing as me AND he said there is no reason why the Sox shouldnt be able to hang onto their best prospects ( mentioned Bogey & Bradley jr) & get what this team needs. He called it a Buyers market this year. Saying Mil-, SD, both Chicago’s… have relievers to spare. He also said that the Sox Should go for it this year, no reason not to.
            Just thought Id share…

          • John Fahrer

            Untouchable: Bogaerts, Bradley, Cecchini, DeLaRosa, Webster, Swihart, Owens, Ranaudo.

            Brentz and Barnes are borderline. Would refrain from dealing either unless for the right price.

          • Willy W

            My untouchables are a bit different. Bogey(3rd base), Bradley jr( only CF to replace Ells), Brentz ( for LF next yr as we have no 1 else), Owens & Ball ( as our only solid LHP in pipeline), Denney & 1 other C.
            Would like to hang onto either or all of Webster, Workman, Ranaudo but not completely opposed to trading in right deal. Barnes I dont care for, at least not yet so he could go.
            Just about any1 else could be traded, including Britton…

          • John Fahrer

            Brentz will be a RF (awesome arm). Nava, Carp, and Victorino are all back next season for LF/backup OF/1B duties. Denney can’t be dealt. Players need to have at least one year in the system before being eligible for trade.

            They should tread lightly in trading their young pitchers. They had a good run of turning out a new guy from 05-09 (not counting Doubront’s cameos in 2010 and 2011).

            They really missed not having that young nucleus making an impact the past three seasons.

          • John Fahrer

            Also can’t forget that overhauling the roster that much could be disruptive to team chemistry. This club has a good thing going in the clubhouse. Really hasn’t looked this good since 07.

          • Willy W

            Yes they have good chemistry, thats why I have suggested trading prospects, not players presently on the team. If Ben does his home work on the acquisitions, they have time to integrate, keep winning, then it wouldnt effect chemistry.

          • John Fahrer

            New acquisitions will have to supplant guys currently on the roster though whether they’re traded for a current roster member or not.

          • Willy W

            Subtracting Douby or Lester ( in a potential Lee trade), pushing Iggy to either SS or as utility, removing the minor leaguer that rotates into our bullpen presently, I dont see any of those moves disrupting the core chemistry of this team.

  • Kennythelid

    We don’t seriously have to ask ourselves anything, we know why he was on the team and why Will Middlebrooks wasn’t.