Nick Swisher fails to catch the ball at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Do we really want Swish?

Lately I’ve heard people asking if Nick Swisher would be a good fit in Boston. With a weak first baseman class in free agency this year, Swisher could be considered one of the top players targeted, With Mike Napoli and James Loney two of the other main first base free agents. I’ve decided to make a pro and cons list to decide if Nick Swisher is the right choice.


- Joanna García.

Joanna Garcia-Swisher

Living close to Fenway, my chances of running into Joanna Garcia-Swisher are highly increased if Swisher comes to Boston.  Born in the 80s and growing up in the 90’s Joanna was on a beloved show of childhood “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” She moved on to the great Judd Apatow show “Freaks and Geeks”. She’s probably most famous from Reba, and has been on Gossip Girl. I show I’ll reluctantly admit to have seen multiple times. Garcia appeared on one of my favorite “How I Met Your Mother” episode “The Window” (Swish appeared on an episode as well). Now she’s starring on a new show called “Animal Practice” with Justin Kirk from Weeds. I saw the pilot and it was pretty good. Those are stats better than Swisher. I’d much rather have her Topps card.


-Everything else.

Swisher does have a decent career OBP with .358, not great, but not terrible and he averages 28 home runs a year. However his batting average (an arguably overrated stat) is just .254. I guess my big concern is having him as an everyday first baseman. His fielding percentage at 1st this year is .984, for a reference Ryan Howard’s career fld% is .991 and Jason Giambi is .992. So he’s clearly not a great fielder at first. James Loney is .994%.

Now, let’s not get it twisted, my biggest need out of 1st base isn’t fielding % but it’s not something I completely ignore.

Age is an issue as well. Swisher is turning 32 in the offseason. 32 isn’t old by any means but Swisher has most likely peaked. I might be alone when I see the Red Sox as a rebuilding team, one a couple years away from being a serious World Series contender again. By that time, what will they want with a 34/35 year-old converted first baseman?

Is he really a leader for the youth? I mean, he’s not a bad clubhouse guy but I hear how he will bring back “The Idiot” mentality into the clubhouse. That was 8 years ago. What makes you think that the idiot formula will work again? The idiots were fun, but that’s because they were winning. They had a carefree attitude but aren’t players being carefree why the Red Sox are in this hole? Who cared less about what people said than Josh Beckett? It’s doesn’t mean that they need to be Adrian Gonzalez either. Instead of basing players on if they’re an idiot or not, why not just get nice guys who care how they play?

Swisher has said that he wants a $100M dollar contract, there is no way he will get that but he’s still going to ask for more than I’d be willing to give him. Let’s just say that he gets $16M per year for 4 years. I’d rather have Cody Ross and James Loney at that combined price for less years.

If the Red Sox can wait one year the free agent class in 2014 is pretty good. Robinson Cano, Michael Morse, Jacoby Ellsbury, Curtis Granderson, Adam Jones, Brian McCann, Tim Lincecum, Dan Haren, Matt Garza, Adam Wainwright, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Josh Johnson are some of the guys leading that class. If the Red Sox hold off for a year and see how the kids develop they can fill the needs next year. Wouldn’t you rather have Brian McCann than Nick Swisher? Or what about one of those pitchers?

Throwing foolish money at players has hurt the Red Sox. What’s the rush? There are plenty of first basemen out there who can hit .254 and hit 20 home runs. Even old friend Brandon Moss who has only 233 at bats this year has 19 home runs and is hitting .275. I’m sorry Joanna.

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  • Earl Nash

    When I saw the photo, I was ready to vote YES in the poll. Then, I realized we were talking about the visage of Mr. Swisher…[sigh...] Since Bogaerts will likely outgrow SS and Middlebrooks has 3b locked up, I wonder if, rather than put him in the OF, Xander could be groomed to play 1b, beginning in 2014? Then, Swisher could be used in 2013 as an interim solution.

    • PassTheMike

      That’s true, but if it came down to it, I’d rather have a cheaper Ross in the OF, with Ells, and (insert your cheap veteran or young player: kalish/bradley)

    • John Fahrer

      Bogaerts will probably be moved to third and Middlebrooks will shift to first.

  • Fred Thompson

    What about Adam LaRoche?

  • Jon

    Joey Votto just got a huge extension don’t think he’s available in 2014….

    • Aaron Somers

      You are 100% correct. Votto’s extension runs through 2023, with a team option for 2024. He will not be available.

      • PassTheMike

        Yeah, I totally forgot about that extension, my bad. I fixed that, thanks. I didn’t think he would come here anyway, it was just a name to back up the point.

  • Marisyana

    First, if you think Joanna Garcia is a good actress, your standards are incredibly low. Secondly, the only people who have said that Swisher wants $100 million is the New York media. He adores being a Yankee because he loves attention. You want to know how he’d handle being a Red Sock? Look at the year when he was a Chicago White Sock, which was horrible. I know he’s sucked up to some of the Boston media comparing himself to Kevin Millar, but the difference is that his teammates actually LIKED Millar. There’s a strong rumor going around that the “American League veteran” who complained about him in the survey about the most hated MLB players was Derek Jeter.

    • PassTheMike

      I didn’t hope to run into her in the streets so she would act out a scene for me. I was saying that she’s very attractive.

    • John Fahrer

      That was really his lone bad year. Since then he’s been back up to par. Likeable clubhouse guy who could breath some life into a somber clubhouse.

  • John Fahrer

    If he’s not a Type A or if we get a protected first round pick, the Red Sox will be very interested. Whether or not the reports of him wanting a Jayson Werth-like deal are true, it’s highly doubtful he gets that kind of money. Don’t see why he can’t get something similar to what JD Drew got though.

    His fielding at 1B should be better if he were to play it full-time. Even when the average isn’t too impressive, the OBP and walk total usually is. The low-OBP on this team has been an unsung killer to this season (and it’ll continue with Salty and Iglesias occupying two spots in the lineup). They need a good OBP guy at first and another one in LF (Alex Gordon anyone?).

  • Harry Baxter

    A quick answer would be NO. We’ll take Joanna, though. Nick made $10.25M this year, which my explain his attraction to Joanna. Now he’ll be looking for more, like all Boreass clients do. Realistically, he might be worth $5M or $6M per year on a two year contract. Cody Ross and Nick are both going to be 32 this year. Swisher hit 9 points higher than Cody, and had two more HRs, so their stats are comparable. The big difference, though, is that Cody only made $3M this year, so he was a terrific bargain compared to Nick. Sox are in negotiation now with Cody, and the expectation is that he’ll get a bump to $6M or $7M for 2 or 3 years. I wouldn’t pay any more than that for Swisher, but someone else (Tampa Bay?) might.