Terry Francona Will Not Return To Manage The Red Sox

For all you Red Sox fans that were patiently holding your breath, waiting for the Red Sox to show some sort of interest in Terry Francona and having him reunite with the Red Sox after this dismal season is over, you can exhale now because it will not be happening.

Francona was a guest on the Michael Kay Show on ESPN NY 98.7 FM and when asked about the rumors that Francona could be a target to replace Bobby Valentine at the skipper reins, he was quick to shoot the notion down.

“Oh no, I don’t think that’s gonna happen,” Francona said, courtesy of the ESPNBoston.com.

TIto also took a moment to get involved in the what has become the Bobby Valentine circus by referencing Bobby’s blowup with The Big Show on WEEI.com earlier this week.

“I won’t get angry, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I’m not gonna suggest that I’m gonna come punch you in the nose, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.”

The comment was taken in a joking manner as Francona and hosts Michael Kay and Don LaGreca were all laughing at the reference.

It’s easy to understand why Francona would dismiss the idea of returning to the city that adores him.  He wasn’t exactly shown the royal treatment when the club declined to pick up his contract option and essentially relieved of his duties. Instead he claimed it was the exact opposite.

Accused of being addicted to pain medication, losing the clubhouse and allowing a beer and chicken scandal to grow into something much bigger than it ever should have been were all laid blame at Francona’s feet.  The ownership group then chose not to reply to Francona’s messages when seeking some closure to the situation, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of the man that helped guide this franchise to two World Series titles.

Of course we are all putting the cart before the horse considering that Bobby Valentine still has a job with the Red Sox despite the owners refusing to give him a vote of confidence for his position after this season is over.  It may become the worst kept secret in all of baseball if and when the Sox relieve Valentine but until then we’re all left to speculate.


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