Welcome to The DL Mr. Middlebrooks

Name please? Ah, yes, right here, Middlebrooks. There we have it. We’ve been expecting you. Welcome to the DL Mr. Middlebrooks. May I call you Will? I think we might as well get familiar with one another since you’re going to be here for a while. Allow me to show you around.

We have added quite a few amenities since the organization has been forced to invest so heavily in the Disabled List. Who would have thought that the number of players on the DL would rival the number of actual players on the roster, eh?

Anyway, this area is where everyone hangs out. This room is informally referred to as ‘Carl’s Lair’. He’s not here right now but we expect him back any minute. It’s actually kinda lonely without him. We got so used to seeing him around it just doesn’t feel right without him here. Like you, he had a wrist injury too before the elbow thing cropped up. Oh, and the hamstring thing once he ‘came back’. In any event, the placard on the room can easily be converted to ‘Dice-K’s lounge’ if Carl continues to stay healthy. Ha ha, ho ho…hoo whee, that was a good one wasn’t it Mr. Middlebrooks?

And over here, this where all the action happens when the guys aren’t in treatment or putting together welcome baskets. We’ve got it all here. Video games and unlimited beer and chicken here at “Josh’s Man Cave”.

Beckett  isn’t here for extended periods of time but visits often enough and is so ugly when supplies are low that we decided to simply place a weekly order to keep things on the up and up. Come to think of it, Mr. Beckett is in an ugly mood no matter the circumstance. Oh well.

Feel free to take a seat anywhere except for the reserved seats for Scott Atchison, Andrew Bailey, Rich Hill, John Lackey, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Daniel Nava, David Ortiz, Vicente Padilla or Ryan Sweeney. If I were you, I’d not get a chair next to Sweeney. He’s seemingly so low key and then BAM, he just off and hits something. Mr. Ortiz is also chomping at the bit and has been in a foul mood. Not to worry. He’s a short timer. Also off limits are chairs left open in perpetuity for Mr. Crawford and Mr. Ellsbury.

Settle in Mr. Middlebrooks. Wrist injuries are tricky. It’s going to be a long haul.

Oh, chicken, chicken, you can’t roost too high for me.
Oh, chicken, chicken, come on out of that tree.
Oh, chicken, chicken, chicken, you can’t roost too high for me. 
C is the way it begins.
H, the next letter then, 
I am the third.
C, what a seasonly bird. 
K is to fill him in.
E, I’m near the end.
That’s the way you spell chicken.
- The Chicken, Mississippi John Hurt

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