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April 3rd: "Beckett must be traded now!" Told you so!'s proof...

Since April 3rd we have been advocating ridding the Red Sox clubhouse of its “hemorrhaging hemorrhoid,” Josh Beckett. Among the lynch mob forming in front of Fenway Park, today, is John Tomase of the Boston Herald:

“MUST GO: Beckett

By this point, the Red Sox hopefully recognize the fact their starting rotation is dysfunctional.
Since we’re already on record that Buchholz and Lester need to stay, that leaves Beckett as the man they must do everything in their power to move [Beckett].”]

If you have been following our posts from as far back as February 29th this is not news to you:

MAY 11

“It doesn’t matter if Josh Beckett is pitching like sh*t intentionally or unconsciously—either way, he’s got to go.” []

“…if you are surrendering almost 2 HRs per game, you are no ace, and he is on his way to becoming a Joker.” []

“Here are SIX things that must be done to save the 2012 season for the Sox:
1. Send catcher Kelly “Shipwreck” to the Pawsox [or trade him] and bring Lavarnway back.
2. Trade Youkilis to an AL Central team.

3. Send Beckett, “The Josher” to any team that will give back a #2 or #3 rotation starter.”


It all comes down to one player, Josh Beckett. After administering five “Punxsutawney Phil Pills” [homers] in less than 5 innings in Detroit, is Beckett ready to get past his hatred of his manager and return to his form [15-10], or will he remain in his funk for the rest of the season and, with several curious stays on the DL, start fewer games and sink under .500, say 8 and 12?

If Beckett chooses to play “The Josher,” the petulant post-college frat boy, that 8-12 record will probably mean the Sox will not even make a Wild Card slot…Ben and the Braintruss can wait to see if The Josher can fundamentally rectify his mood when he faces division rival Tampa next, or they can start shopping him and trade for a pitcher with a better attitude–now. []

“Beckett has become petulant, petty and personal and he threatens to end the Sox pennant pursuit–promptly. Beckett must be traded, before he runs his value further into the ground.”

“Josh Beckett must be traded now, or else the Red Sox will not make it to the World Series for the next three years.
It’s too late for a “clear the air” talk with Beckett and Valentine; the stench has already permeated the clubhouse ventilation system.” []

“[Beckett said] Somebody made that stuff up, just like somebody made up that we were doing stuff … This is stupid. I don’t understand what the big deal is. Somebody was trying to save their own [expletive], and it probably cost a lot of people their [expletive]. The snitching [expletive], that’s [expletive]. It’s not good.”

Doesn’t that sound like a High School freshman whining to the Asst. Principal for Discipline?

He get caught lounging in the clubhouse drinking, eating, and playing video games during Red Sox games and his best rejoinder is to point the finger at “snitches”?

You said: “This is stupid. I don’t understand what the big deal is.”

The fact that you “don’t understand what the big deal is,” is the problem.

So, yes, considering your twisted logic:
“This is stupid.”
Yes, Josh, really stupid.

And, no Josh, the “snitches” were not responsible for the September Swoon; it was the attitude that you took to the mound and how you infected Lackey and Lester with your spoiled frat boy values.

Maybe you wish you had been traded to the Texas Rangers, so you could go home and get away from being required to act like an adult, who shows up for work. Too bad you didn’t get your wish, cowboy; it would have been interesting to see you explain why you were sitting on your ass in the locker room, eating and drinking, during Ranger games to Nolan Ryan.”

As Mr. Tomase notes, NOW, it will be difficult to dump Beckett:

“For one, Beckett’s days as a leader are over. He has come to symbolize everything wrong with the culture of this team, from arrogance to entitlement, and removing him from the equation will go a long ways towards changing the identity of the team.

For another, and this is equally important, his best days are clearly behind him, and major questions exist about his health moving forward…

He’s by no means bad, but he’s just not that good anymore, and he’s certainly not worth the $17 million annually he counts against the luxury tax. If his fastball dips from 92 to 90, the Sox will have a real albatross on their hands, which is why moving him this winter should be the team’s top priority.” []

Now, if they had “moved him” LAST winter, or traded Beckett BEFORE the season started…

[Note to Ben and the Fenway Brain Truss, controlled with great effort, our urge to say “I TOLD YOU SO!”….MORONS!]

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