Dustin Pedroia Should Never be a Captain.

The last thing I expected from this team of malcontents is how Dustin Pedroia has shown a lack of leadership this year.  He seems more interested in always supporting his teammates, regardless of whom and how they have performed.  The latest example was last night’s response to Josh Beckett’s performance.  Pedroia said that Beckett was “Great”.  Are you kidding me?

Great?  Pedroia thinks losing a lead and giving up 5 runs to give the Red Sox another loss and back in the basement of the AL East was great?  A Leader of a team is a player that isn’t afraid to call out a teammate or manager when he feels they are not performing up to par.  I am not saying that he needs to ridicule them publically but he shouldn’t be out saying someone was great, when obviously they weren’t. 

All the talk after Jason Varitek retired was how Pedroia should be anointed Captain and have the capital “C” permanently implanted on his jersey.  I for one am glad that the Sox didn’t jump the gun on this one.  Pedroia hasn’t earned that Captain honor, at least not this year.  All Pedroia has been is just another spoiled player who pouts because he doesn’t like his manager.  I got news for you Pedey; you can’t always be the coach’s pet in your lifetime.  Varitek played under numerous managers and was able to remain composed and level headed.  He earned the respect from players, coaches, managers and ownership.

Do you think not going to the mound when the manager comes out to visit the pitcher while the other infielder’s do a show of leadership?  Or sitting on the end of the bench when on the disabled list, sheltered from the other players and not showing any signs of support for your team, leadership?

It didn’t take long for Pedroia to show his distaste for Bobby Valentine, when he called Valentine out on the benching of Kevin Youkilis in game three of the season.  Saying, “maybe that’s how they do it Japan but not in our house.”  Good to defend his teammate but the wrong way to go about it. 

Is Pedroia that clueless on how every red Sox fan feels about Josh Beckett?  He is hated; we all wish they could trade this arrogant stiff.  Does Pedroia see that neither Josh Beckett nor Jon Lester give a damn about this team?  What Pedroia should have said last night was.  Josh was better than he has been his previous starts but this team can’t win if Beckett can’t close out games like this. We can’t afford to give our Ace the lead only to have him cough it up. 

Newsflash Dustin, Terry Francona isn’t walking thru those doors anytime soon.  You won’t be playing cribbage on the fight home.  Time to stand up and be the leader we all thought you could be.  We don’t care if you like Bobby V or not.  Be leader in and out of this clubhouse, before you get lumped in with these underachievers and lose all credibility with the Nation. 

Pedroia has always been a fan favorite and possibly will always be.  Who doesn’t like a scrappy player like Pedroia?   But, how many of  you would truly be upset right now if the Sox explored a trade for Pedroia or anyone else on this team?

Looks to me like Jason Varitek has more leadership skills in his little finger than Dustin Pedroia has in his entire 5 plus foot  frame.

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  • John Fahrer

    Pedroia’s had a very disappointing season. The players really do need to get over this “I don’t like my manager” phase. Of course Valentine could help out by keeping his mouth shut at certain times and just use coachspeak rather than slamming certain players.

    Don’t see the team exploring trades for many of the regulars in the lineup right now. Chances are if they play seller, we’ll see Ryan Sweeney and Kelly Shoppach go but that’s about it.

  • dusty’sbiggestfan

    been a sox fan since i watched the rocket slaughter the yankees back in the 80s, and i don’t want to see lester or beckett gone. i thought josh pitched his ass off against one of the best teams in baseball and i watched the offense choke up multiple opportunities to put the game away. dustin is right on sticking up for everyone. i usually like this blog but this post leaves me scratching my head. no one wants to win more than pedrioa, and these little jabs about his actions while on the dl and other silly crap are just inane rabble-rousing in my opinion. pedrioa is the soul of the red sox team, it can’t be easy for him to suffer through his own struggles and the teams lackluster performance, but from where i’m sitting he is handling himself like a pro who wants nothing more than Ws.

    • DStykalo

      Dusty, thanks for reading an we appreciate the support you’ve stated to the site. I think it’s fair to say everyone is frustrated with the Sox inability to get on a roll and get back in the hunt. It doesn’t help matters when Bobby V speaks out of line and had guys like Pedey (the clubhouse leader IMO) stand up and let him know it’s not right. I love Pedey as a player, no one plays the game like him. It is a little concerning when he’s not going to the mound when only Bobby visits. I get he and so many other players may not agree with him or even like him but should do so behind closed doors. Pedey is used to winning and this season is no doubt wearing on him and the other vets. Not saying its right or wrong and I believe Pedey is a role model for so many younger players and he needs some positives. He’s had a tough season personally and all the hoop la going on around him isn’t helping.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for te comments. Keep em coming as its always great to talk baseball.

    • http://twitter.com/rmeegs Rick Meegan

      Dusty, i appreciate your comment and your passion for this team. However, Did you know that Lester and Beckett have won combined total of 14 wins in their last 73 starts? Daniel Bard has won as many games this year (5) that Lester and Beckett have won. Bard’s ERA is lower than Lester’s and slightly higher than Beckett’s. Where is Bard today? By no means do I think Bard should be back in the starting rotation, but we are getting the same production out of our so called Aces. Trade one or both as far as I am concerned. They don’t care so why should I?

      Now to Pedroia, which this post is about. I never said Pedroia doesn’t play his ass off. He does, but that doesn’t mean he is a Captain. Ellsbury plays his ass off too, is he Captain material? Playing his ass off isn’t doing it this year, Pedroia’s, batting average is down 34 points off his career numbers and so is all of his offensive stats. But, my issue is his leadership. When a Sox player hits a home run or makes a great defensive play , who is the first person they go to in the dugout to celebrate? That would be David Ortiz, not Pedroia. When the Sox win is it Pedroia who stands separate from his teammates and congratulates his team? Again the answer is NO, it is Ortiz again. Ortiz is the leader of this team, not Pedroia. Wasn’t it all of our expectations that Pedey would be the Man in Boston? His actions are very disappointing in this aspect. So i stand by my post. Pedroia should never wear the “C” on his jersey as a Boston red Sox

      • Phil Donahuie

        You just lost a lot of crediability by saying that David Ortiz is the leader of the team. Don’t get me wrong he is a fantastic player and an iconic Red Sox but he is not a leader. He even admitted it himself before spring training saying that he wanted to take on more of a leadership role and saying how he could have done more to speak up during the “fried chicken” incidents last year. It is very difficult to all of a sudden become a leader when you have never been one all your life. Ortiz isn’t a leader just cause he give high fives and is popular in the clubhouse and media.

  • smarterthanbenc

    He could be a captain, just not of the Redsox. By the way, he’s expendible.

  • http://bosoxinjection.com/ Earl Nash

    The notion of a Captain who rallies the troops with a clubhouse speech is probably out of the conversation today. The keys to it working are “pride,” “teamwork,” and “integrity.” With a few exceptions, today’s Generation Greed players lack these traits and will turn a deaf ear to any speech by a Captain, Manager, or Owner; they will just count their money, drink their beer, and eat their chicken, until their final contract year–then wake up and play for a year. These self-centered Narcissists have been spoiled since Little League and can’t even act like they give a sh!t about their team mates, the fans, or The Game.