The Youk will be traded today to either the White Sox or the Dodgers, says the smart money on the street.  You can get 2-1 odds on Chicago and 5-1 on Los Angeles.

If we assume that the Red Sox are seeking a proven starter to take the pressure off Buchholz and Doubrant, a deal for Pale Hose pitcher Gavin Floyd is the likely scenario.  With the fragile Beckett on the DL, Valentine was forced to employ reliever Franklin Morales, who was last a starter in 2009, to sub for Beckett last Sunday against the Cub and in today’s game against the Braves’ Randall Delgado.

Although Chicago GM Kenny Williams has attempted to send John Danks with his long-term contract to Boston, he now recognizes that Danks will be in re-hab with a mild Grade 1 strain of the subscapularis muscle in his left shoulder, until after the All-Star break, so his best trade chip is Floyd.

Kenny Williams also knows that his job is on the line, so he will be returning trade offers by speed dial, since:

Brent Morel was hitting .177 with no homers and just five RBI at the time of his injury.

Orlando Hudson was signed as a replacement, but considering his weak offensive production over the last two years or so, he’s not really an everyday 3b.

Recall that earlier in the season Williams was dangling lefty John Danks and righty Gavin Floyd and said would take “at least two A-level prospects and a third that’s a notch below.”

Williams won’t admit it, but his minor league prospect cupboard is bare; in the latest organizational review coming from Baseball Prospectus, the White Sox were placed 30th out of a possible 30. And the comment from Kevin Goldstein to go with the placement — “It really is that bad.”

With his GM job in a tenuous status, Williams will be willing to wheel and deal to try to improve his sorry Sox. While it is not a “blockbuster” type of trade, the Red Sox could target Gavin Floyd and LHP Matt Thornton [think bullpen] and offer Youkilis and Lars Anderson.

With Morel, Lillibridge and Escobar on their hot corner depth chart, Youkilis would be an offensive upgrade for Chicago and he could also move into the DH, where K-Kings Dunn and Viciedo fill that hole.

With aging Konerko, Dunn “Struck Out”, UT Lillibridge at 1b  and “Iron Glove” Viciedo banished to the OF, adding Lars Anderson a solid, mobile defender, lefty hitter to the mix makes sense.

In sum, the White Sox get a veteran hitter at DH with Youkilis, who could also spot start at 3b and 1b and a next generation lefty First baseman in Anderson and the Red Sox get a rotation starter and another solid LHP for the pen.

If needed, Boston could add young [20] catching prospect Blake Swihart [Sox #12 prospect MLB] to the deal, as Williams has two aging catchers and no prospects in sight.

If a deal is worked out with the White Sox, it will resemble one of these:

DEAL: Youkilis AND Anderson AND Swihart FOR Gavin Floyd AND Matt Thornton

DEAL: Youkilis AND Anderson FOR Gavin Floyd AND Matt Thornton

DEAL: Youkilis AND Anderson FOR Gavin Floyd AND [Chicago prospect]

Or, Youk could go to the Dodgers…

SEE yesterday’s post on 3-way deal:




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