Fenway Fun 2012: The "Retro Red Sox" with Roger and Pedro and...maybe Teddy Ballgame?

Just in case the Sox are frozen out of the post-season this year, can we at least bring back some warm memories to Fenway?

Here is the wicked cool, well thawed-out plan:

If Jamie Moyer, who ranks as the 109th best pitcher in MLB history [Baseball Reference], can win a game at age 49, why can’t the 12th best and 15th best pitchers in baseball history join the Sox rotation?

“The Rocket” has been cleared of using juice for fuel and Pedro Martinez at only 41 years old must still have some gas left in his tank, so, let’s add these two Retro Rockets to the rotation and at least have some fun at Fenway this season.

Roger goes for 5 innings to qualify for a possible win, Pedro airs it all out for two innings and we hand the ball to Bard for the8th and Bailey for the ninth.

Cleared of using PEDs, Clemens should be elected to the HOF; if he comes back to the Sox and wins 20 more games, it would rocket him up the all-time wins list from 12th to 3rd behind Cy Young [511] and Walther Johnson [417]. With 274 more strikeouts, Clemens, with 4,876 Ks could move ahead of Randy Johnson into second place behind all-time leader, Nolan Ryan with 5.714.

If Pedro could add 20 wins to his current total of 219, he could move all the way up to second place in career Winning percentage with a .696 score. With just 35 more wins, Pedro could become the all-time leader with a .7175 winning percentage.

Spud Chandler 0.717 (0.71711) 1 Dave Foutz 0.690 (0.69014) 2 Whitey Ford 0.690 (0.69006) 3 Bob Caruthers 0.688 (0.68770) 4 Pedro Martinez 0.687 (0.68652) 5 Don Gullett 0.686 (0.68553) 6 Lefty Grove 0.680 (0.68027) 7 Jon Lester 0.678 (0.67797) 8 Babe Ruth 0.671 (0.67143) 9696

From 1997 to 2003, he had one of the most dominant streaks in history; Pedro won the Cy Young Award three times, came in second twice, won 20 games twice, led the league in ERA and WHIP five times and only once had an ERA above 2.40. His career WHIP is fifth-best all time and he is one of only three players to maintain career average of 10 strikeouts per nine innings.

And, since Luis Tiant needs just six more wins to top recent HOF inductee, Jim “Catfish” Humter, let’s bring him in for a few starts; he does five innings to qualify, Pedro takes the 6th inning, Roget takes the 7th inning, Bard throws the 8th and we hand it over to Bailey.

In 19 MLB seasons, Tiant was 229-172 with a 3.30 ERA. Significantly, of his 484 starts, he completed 187 of them; he threw a complete game in over 40 percent of his starts. He is 21st all time, and 11th in the live-ball era, in shutouts.

El Tiante compares favorably to almost every statistic of the great Catfish Hunter, who cruised into Cooperstown. Their win totals are only five apart; their losses just six apart; their innings pitched (which total 7,000) are separated by less than40; their ERAs are separated by just 0.04; their WHIPs by 0.06.
So, if we do not make it to the championship playoffs this year, we can at least improve the chances of Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez and Luis Tiant of being elected to the Hall of Fame.

And, which member of Red Sox Nation would not want to add those three bobble heads to their collection?
Wait! When the Rays come to Fenway, a double-bobble head figure of Pedro and Tampa coach, “The Gerbil,” Don Zimmer, sparring with each other.

Wonder what Yaz, Dewey, Fisk, Spaceman and Eck are doing these days…At least we know the peerless Ted Williams is awaiting his return from the Cryonic Hall of Fame, a very selective place, where ‘many are cold, but few are frozen.’

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