Babe Ruth's 1920's Home Selling For $1.65 Million

It isn’t the house that Ruth built, but rather the house that Ruth bought.  And now the house that the Bambino called home from 1922 to 1926 can be yours for a cool $1.65 million. Before you spit your coffee all over your computer, you read that right.

A story on explains the finer details of the home, including five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms along with a decorating style that is reminiscent of the 1920’s when Ruth was crushing baseballs for the New York Yankees.  Ruth lived in the house while he played for the Yankees even though the property is in Sudbury, Mass.

Along side a plush, perfectly manicured landscape, the property offers a guest house with an outdoor swimming pool and a gaming room in the main house.  No surprise there given Ruth’s intense gambling habits.

One of the more nostalgic features is the old garage with the wood flooring and old school cars that are said to come with the property.  No word on whether those were Ruth’s cars or not.

The third floor features a loft that is dedicated solely to the Babe that has endless supply of pictures and memorabilia showcasing the Babe’s triumphant career.

All in all the home is exquisite with the newly renovated kitchen and modern touch all the while leaving that 1920’s feel in some rooms as evidenced by the decor.

According to the article on the NESN website, a family had lived in the home for the last 30 years and perhaps the greatest reminder of the Babe’s presence is the burn marks on the floor when Ruth would flick the ash from his cigars.  We all know Ruth was a wild man and if only these walls could talk what stories they could tell.

Broker Scott Adamson of Coldwell Banker Residential brokerage told The Associated Press told NESN that one living tale of Ruth was how he would rent a hunting cabin not far from the home on nearby Willis Pond.  The legend has Ruth wheeling out a piano onto the ice during a late-night party and when the ice melted, the piano disappeared.  An expensive touch I’m sure for a guy who made roughly $900,000 during his career.  Oh how the times have changed.

You can check out all the pics of the house here, it’s worth the look.

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