What Would Kevin Millar Do With Josh Beckett?

With all this talk about the turmoil surrounding the Red Sox, most recently pitcher Josh Beckett, it’s difficult to pin point which player is the true leader of this club.  Kevin Millar who was on Mut and Merloni stated that someone in the clubhouse needs to step and take the reins of this dismantled ball club.  While Millar is once again spot on with his assessment, it’s worth exploring the idea of “what would Kevin Millar do if he were playing on this Red Sox team?”  Brace yourself, the answers may turn violent.

Millar was seen as one of the character guys on the ’04 championship team but still a leader.  It’s safe to say that this year’s edition of the Sox is lacking that true leader.  Dustin Pedroia has been pegged as a leader but where is he during these times of disarray? Sure he’s doing all he can on the field but he’s only one guy and can’t bat for everyone or play every defensive position.

What if Millar had Josh Beckett on his team?  Aside from a few thrown chairs, a broken table and a barrage of garbage cans flipped upside down, the clubhouse might resemble that of a WWE hardcore match between Mick Foley and Jeff Hardy. Yes, you have to believe that Millar would stand up to Beckett when no one else has the balls to do it.

Pedroia had the nuts to stand up to his manager of all people and say “that’s not how we do things around here” when standing up for his teammate Kevin Youkilis.  So why can’t someone address the rebellious actions of Beckett and demand he change for the good of the team.  Kevin Millar would do it, you can bank on that.

Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe did an article this morning on Josh Beckett, saying that the problem isn’t Beckett but rather ownership for not holding him accountable.  It’s the way it has been since Beckett arrived in 2006.  He has been coddled and favored and until someone grabs him by the scruff of the neck and insists he changes, his egotistical, march to the beat of his drum will continue.  The problem now is it appears he has most of the pitching staff marching to that same drum.  Clay Buchholz, John Lackey and Jon Lester all appeared to be drinking the Kool-Aid that Beckett is serving in the clubhouse.

Beckett insisted that his off-days are his off-days and Millar agrees that personal time is just that.  But his careless attitude on the mound needs to change or this sinking ship won’t need an iceberg to run into because it won’t float with all this cow dung on board.

This season has already been so crazy, what’s wrong with one more crazy proposal.  Kevin Millar as a bench coach!  Cowboy hats and belt buckles for everyone because it’s time to cowboy up.

The best predictor of future performance is past behavior.  Say no more.

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