Red Sox Owner's Sink To New Low By Snubbing Theo Epstein

Theo Epstein.  Love him or hate him he did a lot for the Boston Red Sox during his early years as the team’s general manager.  We’ll forget about what he’s left behind and his poor free-agent signings in his last few year’s in Boston and focus on the positives.  After all, that’s what the big party on Friday is all about; reflecting on the finer moments that have taken place at Fenway Park and celebrating those that have helped orchestrate them.

But Epstein won’t be at the ceremony when all the former Red Sox players who are capable and willing to return to the Fens take to the field and bask in the 100th anniversary of our beloved ballpark.  Rather, Epstein has been invited to attend only the game reports Rob Bradford of, a clear and direct snub by the owners, namely Larry Lucchino.

It’s no secret that there was no love lost between Lucchino and Epstein, a feud that carried on for many years after the 2004 World Series Championship.  Then this past winter Theo up and leaves for Chicago, not mincing words about his relationship with Lucchino, leaving the feud unresolved.  So how does the three headed monster respond?  They invite Theo, the brains behind the two world series titles, to the game only and not the actual ceremony.  A pathetic and embarrassing lack of human affection.

Bradford did say that a team source stated that the on-field ceremony is for former uniformed personnel only.  To make matters worse, Epstein apparently received his invitation on Thursday afternoon by a phone call!  These morons we call owners don’t even have the common courtesy to formally invite Theo as they have all the other former players.

This is John Henry and Larry Lucchino’s party, there is no denying that.  So there is no where for them to hide with this pathetic display of arrogant snubbing to a man who was instrumental in helping to build their empire.  So don’t try and cover this up by saying the ceremony is for players and managers only.  It’s clear you’ve screwed up yet again, so try admitting your mistakes.  It goes a lot further in this world than making up some BS story.  The whole thing stinks!

Epstein made mistakes, there is no denying that.  But what he did for the city of Boston, the Red Sox organization, Major League Baseball and the millions of Red Sox fans around the globe cannot be swept under the rug like an annoying bread crumb.  He deserves to be on the field and have his name announced as the greatest Red Sox general manager in the last 100 years.  But instead it’s doubtful we’ll even have the opportunity to say thank-you to Epstein for the great memories he brought to us Sox fans.

For what it’s worth, from this Red Sox fan, thank-you Theo.

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