A Final Review of JetBlue Park

It only seems fitting that as the Red Sox get set to vacate their new temporary home in Florida that we take a look back at their spring home.

Jim over at Stadiumjourney.com had the privilege of attending a spring training at JetBlue Park or as many call it, Fenway South.  Jim’s job, other than to take in a major league spring training ball game was to of course rate and review the new Sox southern home and he did just that.

He starts with the food and beverage aspect, a must for any baseball fans and the creators of JetBlue Park did not disappoint.  Multiple food stands and specialty foods are available along with the essentials; hot dogs and beer.  Jim gave it 5 stars.

Anyone travelling to Fort Myers knows that the atmosphere won’t be like sitting in the real Fens.  But Jim was impressed with the atmosphere and gets into detail about the Green Monster v2.0, Pesky’s replica pole among other features that were designed to make it feel like you were in Boston.  The only thing missing?  The Citgo sign.  The atmosphere still got 4 stars.

The neighborhood in which the ballpark was built is non-existent according to Jim, resulting in a 2 star rating. Read the full article for a further description of the plans for the area.

Jim paid a nice tribute to the fans, saying “They’re Red Sox fans. Nothing more really needs to be said.” The result, 5 stars.  Be proud Red Sox Nation, be proud. Maybe someone should send this to Luke Scott.

Other areas that Jim rated included access to the ballpark, return on investment and extras that are available to the fan earning a 3, 4 & 4 star rating.

In his final words, Jim describes that while the park is full of history and detail while paying tribute to a national monument, that is where the problem lies.  He admits to having a great time but “felt the connection to the original almost felt forced. It should have been allowed to happen naturally and not created as the singular goal of bringing Fenway to Florida.”

Be sure to check out the full article for Jim’s complete breakdown of JetBlue Park.  Of course a big thanks to Jim for this very detailed review for those of us that were unable to experience it this spring.

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