Tampa Bay Rays Bizarre Ovation For Andino Fuels Red Sox Rivalry

The game of baseball is based upon respecting your opponent.  There are times when they cross the line and as an unwritten rule discipline may be warranted.  But what the Tampa Bay Rays did on Friday when they played the Baltimore Orioles was just down right bizarre.

Every Red Sox fan remembers Robert Andino‘s game winning single last September that capped off a dismal final month for Boston.  As a result of the BoSox losing the game to the Orioles and a dramatic win for the Rays a few minutes later, the Rays got in the postseason.

So to thank Andino, the entire Rays dugout got up and gave him a standing ovation prior to his first at bat during Friday’s spring training game.  The decision for the obscure behavior was none other than the managers, Joe Maddon.

“We just talked about that prior to the game, what was the appropriate thing to do? We saw him in the two-hole, we said let’s give him a nice round of applause.” – courtesy of Ricky Doyle, NESN. 

Even Andino was startled by the unforeseen actions as Maddon noted.

“He was startled by it. He didn’t know what was going on. He was looking around. I thought it was pretty good.”

Case in point on how stupid it was, Andino didn’t even know what was going on or what to think of it.

To think that the Rays waited until spring training to show their appreciation to me stinks of arrogance.  Why not send him a text after the game last September thanking him for the hit.  Rather they went public with their act and to me it says “hey remember what we did on the last day of the year, well we couldn’t have done it without you Robert.”

Maybe the Rays should worry about this year and not dwell on the past.  Sure it was a fantastic day for baseball and despite the heartache and misery that I incurred, I admit it was great for the game.

Perhaps the Rays are becoming a little arrogant in their recent success.  A postseason birth last season, an AL East division title in 2010 and an AL pennant in 2008 is impressive with their Mickey Mouse payroll.  So good for them on beating the Red Sox and Yankees in those years despite having one third of the salaries.  But don’t get too caught up in it all.  This is a game of ‘what have you done for me lately’ and given that this is a new year, the Rays haven’t won squat.

Add this weird behavior to the loose lips of Luke Scott, also known as the Village Idiot who was given that name by our very own Stephanie, and suddenly the Red Sox & Rays rivalry is heating up to a level comparable to the Yankees rivalry.

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  • MandaGator

    ok, ok, you have a point, we’ll give Carl Crawford a standing O too, after all, if he was in the same form as when w/ the Rays, he would have caught Andino’s game winning fly into shallow left.  

  • Derek Stykalo

     @MandaGator Haha, fair point.  Not many Sox fans will argue with you about that, in fact everyone is waiting to see that version of CC.  A standing O from his former club might just light a fire under him, or it could put him back in the shell that he appeared to be in last season.  None the less, the rivalry is alive and well and I love it.  

  • TBbaseball98

    A Red Sox fan critiquing what is and isn’t appropriate in respecting the game of baseball, is Chris Chase ghostwriting this for you? IF the Rays are arrogant in their success its better than Boston being arrogant because of their payroll. After all isn’t this a what have you done for me lately league? (For examples see Red Sox 2011 September collapse). I like how you slid the backhanded compliment in there… but a Mickey Mouse payroll would imply its quite large (For examples see Red Sox 2011 Payroll).

  • Derek Stykalo

     @TBbaseball98 no denying the Red Sox have a lot to prove this year, especially with their payroll being where it is.  As far as the Mickey Mouse payroll reference, I was referring to the great Wayne Gretzky referring to the New Jersey Devils as a Mickey Mouse payroll for not spending money on players aka a small market team. Not saying the Rays don’t spend money or produce good players, just simply used it as a reference implying the payroll is much smaller than the Red Sox. 

  • TBbaseball98

     @Derek Stykalo Either way should be a good season for both clubs. I’m flying up to see Rays Sox at Fenway, it will be nice to see a good rivalry in a real stadium.

  • Derek Stykalo

     @TBbaseball98 The atmosphere should be electric.  Fenway is a great ballpark and if you have some time be sure to take in the tour of Fenway.  The usually offer it throughout the mornings, providing it’s not an afternoon game but definetly inquire about it.  It’s around $10 and if you are a baseball historian you’ll love it.  The guides are great, biased yes, but great none the less when telling stories about Fisk’s home run, Nomar and of course the Green Monster. 
    Let the rivalry begin.  Should be a battle all year long and as I said before, I can’t wait.  

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