An in-depth look at the Red Sox prospects

In order for any major league baseball team to be successful for long periods of time, the key is to build up a solid prospect system. Scouting, drafting, signing, developing and promoting all fall under that umbrella and if an organization can get it right then they’ll be rich with prospects for years to come.  Of course sometimes these players of the future are valuable when it comes to trading for a superstar like Adrian Gonzalez.

The Red Sox have done a decent job when it comes to securing a talent loaded prospect system.  Nathaniel over at the Fansided site Seedlings to Stars takes an in-depth look at the Red Sox system and gives you a complete guide through what to expect from each player as well as a grade on where each player is currently in their development in becoming a major leaguer.

The list is good, but not great so to further deplete this system for a Matt Garza type pitcher may not be the best move Cherington and his posse can make.  Check out the article and you’ll be up to speed on the Red Sox of the future.

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