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Albert Pujols Shows his True Colors

Nothing like a good slap of reality to the face.  Albert Pujols is just another example of how there is no loyalty in sports anymore.  Albert (bleeping) Pujols an Angel, unbelievable.  Hey Albert, why don’t you give Lebron a call and ask him how that worked out for him last year, when he took his game to South Beach.   I’m sure all the fans in Los Angeles are doing cartwheels right now and rightfully so.  They just signed the best player in baseball.  Will you still think that when you have a 41 year old DH making 26 million/year?  I don’t have a problem with the Angels for going after him; the problem lies with how Pujols walked away from his team, his teammates and his charities. 

Some players are meant to be with one organization for his career, Cal Ripken, Tony Gwynn, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter to name a few.  Baseball fans around the world were looking forward to the day Pujols broke all of the home run records and show poor Hank Aaron that not everyone needs to be on steroids while doing it.  But, I expected to see Pujols round those bases that historic moment in a St Louis Cardinals uniform.  This is going to be like Carlton Fisk.  Fisk played more years and more games wearing a Chicago White Sox uniform, but everyone to this day considers him a Red Sox.  Pujols will always be recognized as a Cardinal, regardless what he does in Los Angeles.  This truly is a sad time for baseball when an icon abandons his team. 

Why did Pujols leave St Louis?  Because, he is just another greedy egotistical human being, who only cares about the almighty buck.  It’s not like St Louis offered him nothing.  Whats wrong with $220 million over 10 years?  This from a team that has made him a future Hall Of Famer and won him two World Championships.  All we ever heard or read about Pujols is what a great person he is, 60 Minutes even did a piece on Pujols last year boasting how he helps under privileged children, one of the few good men in sports.  Yet, he turned his back on his loyal fans to play in the city of Angels.  St Louis wanted him back and gave him the best possible offer they could have given.  Sometimes even your best is not good enough when dealing with a Superstar.

I wonder how long it will take before St Louis starts burning your jersey like Cleveland burned Lebrons?

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