Yankees Suck, Yankees Suck !!!!

The sounds of summer are back in Boston.  The chant of “Yankees Suck , Yankees Suck” fill the air on opening day.  I was fortunate enough to attend yesterdays home opener.  The sounds of Fenway are just as enjoyable as the sights.  My day started with the sounds of grown men pointing and whispering, “there’s Luis Tiant”.  Sure enough, as I looked to my left there was Louie sitting at a round metal table at the El Tiante sandwich stand.  The picture above is courtesy of yours truly, ( I never claimed to be a good photographer).  I shook his hand and he signed my opening day ticket.  A good start to an afternoon of baseball.

The announcement of the Yankees players brought a chorus of boos.  You know the boos raining down on Derek Jeter were jeers of respect , whereas the boos for Alex Rodriguez were of pure hatred.  I have attended many home openers over the years and I look forward to hearing which Sox player is going to draw the most cheers.  Last year was Mike Lowell and deservedly so.  I would assume that Carl Crawford or Adrian Gonzalez would have been the fan favorites this year.  Not so, although they received a hearty welcome, the loudest ovation went to Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield.

Then came the ooooooh’s and ahhhhhh’s as the three new HD video screens were unvieled, they are amazing.   Then in strolled Yaz, the great Carl Yastrzemski trotted in as the crowd roared.  The crowd cheered right up to Yaz throwing the first pitch to Varitek.  Like all opening days, Johnny Pesky did his traditional, “play ball” call.  Then it began.

The Fenway faithful were silenced quicky as Robinson Cano ripped a drive over Jacoby Ellsbury‘s head for two quick runs in the first.  John Lackey didn’t help control the crowds hum of disappointment, as he did his best Daisuke Matsuzaka impersonation, working the count to three balls on virtually ever hitter.

It didn’t take long for the fans to get back into this one.  First was the low hum of pleading as the ball off Dustin Pedroia’s bat seemed to hang in the air forever, then the eruption as it fell into the left field seats above the green monster.  This was Pedroia’s day and he again brought the crowd to its feet as he drilled another hit for two more runs and then ecstatic as he fearlessly rounded third on a soft hit by Adrian Gonzalez.

A-Rod’s missile into the left field seats to tie the game at 6 all sent shock waves throughout the stadium.  You could hear the nervous tension murmur all through Fenway.  The man with the longest name in the majors, brought the fans to their feet again.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia‘s double gave the Sox a 7-6 lead that they would never relinquish.  The crowd could finally relax and get a little giddy as J.D. Drew’s two run single in the 7th put everyone at ease.

Our seats were down the right field line between first and the Pesky pole, the fans in right enjoyed chanting, “Swisherrrrr, Swisherrrr” throughout the day.  Nick Swisher seemed to enjoy the attention as he smiled and nodded to the crowd more than once.

The fans danced and sang as “Sweet Caroline” blared over the speakers.  Up next, the Jonathan Papelbon entrance.  It never gets old watching  Papelbon trot into the rocking sounds of “Shipping off to Boston”.   Still, this was a little different.  I don’t think anyone felt this game was in the bag.  Papelbon blew Brett Gardner away with ease and the crowd got louder.  But , then came the loudest ovation of the day as Papelbon over matched Derek Jeter as he swung meekly at strike three.  The chant of “Yankees Suck , Yankees Suck” grew momentum.  Many times, we heard this chant throughout the game, but none louder when Jeter struck out.  The next sound you hear is the sighs of relief as Mark Teixeira ball flies high towards short center field.  As Ellsbury clutched the last out, the celebration broke out.  The proverbial monkey off our backs.  No One seemed to be in a hurry to exit the stadium today, rather we all stood and listened as “Dirty Water” rang out.

So, the next time you visit Fenway, dont just open your eyes, listen to all of the sounds of the game.  I promise it will make your Fenway experience even better.

Oh yeah, one more thing, it doesnt matter if the Sox are playing the Yankees or not.  If you look at the scoreboard and see that the Yankees are losing to someone , somewhere, just start chanting, “Yankees Suck, Yankees Suck” its great therapy for the soul.

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  • DJL

    Boston sucks, Boston sucks! Need proof? How about 1-7!
    What do you expect from a team that plays on a little-league field?

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    C’mon DJL, is that the best you have? The Fenway chant of “Yankees Suck, Yankees Suck” is a classic, followed by “Beat L.A.” If you’re going to diss me, then you need to be more original than “Boston Sucks, Boston Sucks.” Back to the drawing board for you, I know you can do better than that. I’ll be right here waiting for you.

    • NYY

      27 world series titles. STAY SHUT.

  • Rob

    I agree with you yet again Rick. If you’re going to insult the Red Sux it should be done with style and originality. Then again, why even bother? The Sux are doing a pretty good job of making fun of themselves without us Yankee fans having to help. We could talk about their $40 million a year worth of offense producing a meager .152 Batting Average. Or the fact that 5/14 of their pitchers have a double digit ERA. And I suppose, if you really run out of facts to bring up you could mention their stellar 1-7 (Soon to be 1-8) Win/Loss record. Now I know, you’re going to tell me it’s early in the season, too early to worry. But considering only 2 teams in history have started the season 0-6, I would argue that it’s not to early to say the Bo Sux have their work cut out for them. Now THAT’S how you dis the Red Sux!

  • Rob

    Sorry, my browser decided to get a little hot on the trigger and submit that post when I wasn’t done yet. That’s what I get for not using a mouse. That was supposed to read “2 teams in history that have made the POST SEASON.” You know, that awesome thing that happens in October that Boston players will have to watch from the couch this year.

  • dale

    isn’t it sad, after winning 2 world series and having the curse lifted, that deadsox fans still holler out “yankee Suck”. baseball fans know that the yankees and deadsox are needed to make basaball interesting and fun, take both teams out, and what do you have? a world series with kansas and milwaukee? DUH
    come-on sox fans, enjoy your team and be good christians and forget the yankees suck stuff, your surely more mature than that

  • Jim

    I too would think somebody or someone “sucked” if they kicked my butt over and over again for the last century. I love the official motto of “The Nation”

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    Leave it to my good friend Rob to be the calm, cool and level headed one to respond. I am not as concerned with the .152 batting avg’s as I am with the pitching. Even you know that Crawford, Youkilis and Gonzalez are going to start to hit, and when they do watch out. But, all the hitting in the world won’t help if your starting pitchers give up 3-4 homer runs and 8-10 runs per game.

    Yes, it is too early to panic. I said “panic” not “concerned.” I am very concerned.

    Little trivia question for all of you: What team started off with a record of 17-17 after the first month of the season, ended up with 103 regular season wins and the World Championship?

    You also know we love being the underdogs. No team has ever won a World Series after losing its first 6 games of the season, then again, no team was ever been down 0-3 in a playoff series and came back to win the next 4. Hmmmmmm, I bet you saw that one coming, didn’t you Rob?

    Still feeling that sure of yourselves, Yankee lovers.

    I agree with you Jim, I do like the term “The Nation.” Much better than being called “America’s Team, ” dont you think?

  • Rob

    While I will conceed that Crawford will start hitting (At this rate by mid/late May), I think Gonzalez already IS hitting (He will only get better), but Youkilis? I’ve never been all that impressed with him, maybe he will “heat up” a little bit but don’t expect him to be hitting over .300 this year. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Derek Jeter (Yes, that old man) had a higher season BA than Youkilis in 2011.

    I don’t think you should brag about starting the first month 17-17 until you actually manage to do that. By my prediction, at the end of April you guys will probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of 11-16 (Generous), and that’s assuming your pitching gets it’s act together any time soon. Also, keep in mind, despite the fact that you were swept by the ::shudder:: Cleveland Indians, I still only expect you to lose 2 of the 7 combined games you have against the Rays, Athletics, and Mariners this month (Lucky scheduling for your 17-17 theory). Grasping at straws much?

    Now, here is where the fun begins. I am thrilled that you decided to bring up your miraculous 0-3 playoff comeback because now I get to give my spiel on what exactly happened that faithful week in October, and why it will NEVER happen again. A lot of people talk about the “curse,” and the fact that it was “lifted” that night. I don’t believe in the Curse of the Bambino. Never have, never will. I think the severe undervaluing of a player like Babe Ruth is indicitive of a Boston Front Office that continually makes more poor decisions than smart ones. I’m not knocking your farm system, and I actually even like Saltalamacchia. But I think the Bo Sox career performance and post season appearances speaks for itself. Someone at the helm has been consistently pushing the wrong buttons. Now, my favorite part. Apparently all it took for you guys to win that playoff series was: A.) A monumental pitching meltdown by the entire Yankee Staff. B.) The ghosts of Fenway finally doing you guys a favor. C.) A lunar eclipse. D.) The Red Sox hitting consistently for 4 games in a row. Well, I checked my farmers almanac and unfortunately, none of those things will be coming to pass this year.

    Still feeling so sure of ourselves? Absolutely! With the exceptions of Carl Pavano and Javier Vasquez, it is a RARE occasion to see a Yankee “boo-ed” in his own house. But your “Fenway Faithful” seem to turn on your pitching staff as early as the second inning. A lot of people say us Yankee fans are spoiled with winning and that we complain on the few occasions that we don’t perform up to snuff, however I guarantee you that you’ll never hear the Bleacher Creaturs dissing their own team. It just won’t happen. You fickle Bah-Stahn fans can go to the bah and drink away your sorrows with that (albeit delicious) Brick Red Sam Adams Irish Ale that they only serve in Bah-Stahn. Apparently you guys are too good for your own Boston Lager (Which I refuse to drink because it has a dirty word on the lable that frankly makes me a little sick to my stomach). Have a nice evening! I expect Sabathia to mop the floor with your floundering lineup tonight and if you’re hoping for Soriano to have another blip like the 4 run travesty last week then I feel quite sorry for you. It must be hard to root for a team that has only won the WS twice in your lifetime. Heck, I’m probably half your age and I’ve already been privileged enough to see the Yankees win 5! The real question is, what will you do when your daughter sees the light and joins the Bleacher Creatures? Will you make her cry like that Fenway Faithful guy on the day of your home opener?


  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    Ok Rob , before you start thumping your chest, let me share my thoughts. First off , you keep forgetting that I am also a huge Orioles fan. That said, my age allows me to also have celebrated five championships, the Orioles of 1966,1970 and 1983. Add those to the 2004 and 2007 Sox equals five.

    Now let me rain on your parade of the historic 2004 comeback. (A) With the exception of game seven, the Yankees pitching didn’t implode, they were all close games. (B) we ein games 6+ 7 were won in the house that Ruth built, so there were no hosts of fenway flying around. (C) The Yankees choked, plain and simple. There wasn’t a person in the universe that didn’t know Dave Roberts was going to steal second. Thanks to the spaghetti arm of Jorge Posada, he made it easily. (D) You weren’t best by ghosts, you were beaten by one bloody sock. I bet there isn’t a Yankee alive that wouldn’t be willing to trade any if not all of your precious little rings in exchange for winning that series. I’m glad your young, that just gives you many more years to relive the greatest choke in sports history.

    In regards to Sabathia, bring it on fat boy.

  • Rob

    If we’re going to enter the “I’m a fan of more than one team” contest then I will have to add the Mets to my list. Yes, it only gives me one more (6) but I’m a New York Fan through and through.

    For the record, the ghosts follow the team, they follow the name, they don’t linger trapped in their stadium waiting for that WS that will never come. They are in every swing of the bat, every stolen base, every pick off, diving catch, strike out, save, and home run.

    If you want to revel in the “greatest choke in sports history” then look no further than my good old friend Bucky Dent capping off a fabulous sudden death win over the Sox in 1978. We were 14.5 games behind in July of that year and after the “Boston Massacre” sweep in September, we completed a much more impressive comeback. You wanna talk choke? Which is worse, 3 bad games or 3 bad months? I think 1978 is a better sample size. You guys had more than enough time to right the ship.

    And if you want to talk about 1 sock in particular, we could always get into it about Papelbon giving up 3 runs in the 9th to the Angels as they completed their ALDS sweep.

    As for giving up the rings? Are you crazy? I’ll let you have 7 of them, since I can throw them around like confetti and still wear one on every finger and toe.

    Fat boy dropped 40 lbs this winter.

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    Oh Robbbbbbbbbbb, you had me at 1978 but then you lost it all when you revealed a Mets fan. Isn’t that deemed sacrilegious in New york? You’re supposed to hate each other!!! Men have been killed for less , haven’t they?
    You can’t cross enemy lines.
    Rangers hate Islanders
    Giants hate Jets
    Knicks hate Nets

    Since I like you so much , do you want me to go in and delete your last comments, so you can save face?

    I saw Sabathia opening day, he may have lost 40 lbs but believe me he can afford to lose another 40 wiht no problem.

    Mets fan??? You poor tortured soul.

  • Rob

    I’m proud of my roots. 2000 was the best year of my life. I couldn’t lose.

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    Ahh but you did lose, we should have known then that Roger had roid rage.

  • Rob

    You’re days are numbered Meegan. I’ve been working on a little timeline for you. Should be done soon.

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    I will be waiting with bated breath.

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    Can you make it the number 5 after my favorite player, Brooks Robinson?

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    I keep forgetting to mention, another one of my favorite sounds of opening day is the “Yo, Adrian” for Gonzalez.

  • Rob Paisley

    I worked pretty hard on this so I felt the need to include my last name on this post. I amaze myself at the lengths to which I will go to bring sorrow and malaise to a Red Sox fan. In some strange way, you should feel honored that I even bother paying you such respect. You deserve real facts, and after your infuriating post about “the greatest choke in sports history” I decided it was time to remind you just how many times the Red Sox have choked over these many years. Enjoy the best/worst timeline you will ever lay eyes on.

    The Red Sox Legacy of losing, heartbreak, misery and pain:

    1919 – Babe Ruth is traded to the Yankee’s to (allegedly) finance a Broadway production.

    1927 – Bill Carrigan returns to ensure the Red Sox finish last this season…

    1928 – And this season…

    1929 – And this season.

    1933 – Why doesn’t daddy love me? Not so much painful as it is funny, someone should have invented Turbo Tax for Bob Quinn.

    1942 – Bad luck befalls the Red Sox yet again as Ted Williams inexplicably loses the MVP to Joe Gordon of, you guessed it, the New York Yankees. To make matters worse, Williams gets drafted. Regardless, we thank him and all those brave men for their service.

    1946 – Fall Classic, game 7. You can’t spell Slaughter without laughter!

    1947 – The Sox don’t yet believe in diversity and pass on Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Sam Jethroe, and Marvin Williams.

    1948 – Denny Galehouse, the Indians strike again!

    1949 – Sox go into Yankee Stadium for the last two games of the season needing just one victory to clinch AL pennant. Predictably, they lose 5-4 and 5-3 to the Yankees, who go on to beat Brooklyn in the World Series.

    1952 – Jimmy Piersall is hospitalized for a mental breakdown. At least he was able to return and have a respectable 17 year career.

    1955 – Harry Agganis; I almost didn’t include this one because the whole baseball world suffered, not just the Sox. I decided he was worth offering a “Bravo!”

    1959 – Elijah Green; too little too late.

    1967 – Tony Conigliaro; this was another one I regret having to add. All of the MLB suffered. “Bravo!” I will give you props for the Sox first Pennant and the “Impossible Dream.” Too bad they, once again, couldn’t deliver in the fall classic against Bob Gibson. I also feel the need to mention Billy Rohr’s almost-perfect game against the Yankees Elston howard 9th inning, 2 out single. Good game boys, this is one of many reasons why the sox are my favorite rivals (Of all the losers, you’re the best).

    1972 – You guys are really giving me too much ammunition when it comes to horrible management decisions. Who’s idea was it to trade Sparky Lyle for Danny Cater? Don’t worry, Lyle looked better in Navy Pinstripes anyway! Sox drop a 3-1 heart-breaker to the Tigers to end a strike-shortened season.

    1974 – Another collapse, the Red Sox finish 3rd in the AL East after droping from an 8 game lead to a 7 game defecit to the Baltimore Orioles. Another bittersweet year, eh?

    1975 – Carlton Fisk didn’t wave hard enough. I also owe a shout out to Bill Lee for being brave enough to use the Eephus, my all time favorite pitch. Don’t even bother trying to put the blame on umpire Larry Barnett; I’ve heard the arguments and I’m not convinced.

    1976 – The greatest trade never made. Darrell Johnson and Bowie Kuhn must have secretly been Bleacher Creatures. Another tearful shout out to one of the few Red Sox Officials I actually respect; Rest In Peace Thomas Austin Yawkey. After an epic brawl between the Yankees and the Red Sox, Bill Lee tears ligaments in his shoulder and is lost for 2 months. Yet another season of disappointment for the Boston Beaneaters.

    1978 – Earl Russel Dent; although, I still blame Don Zimmer.

    1983 – A bittersweet year for you Rick, Carl Yastrzemski says goodbye, the Red Sox are watching the Fall Classic from the couch, but, at least the Orioles won it in the end! Then of course there is the failed takeover of the Sox by Buddy Leroux; oh, what could have been?

    1986 – Bill Buckner can’t bend at the waist for a ground ball (Apparently he was the only Sock to take in the rear the day before). Mookie Wilson!?!?! This is why I love the Mets.

    1988 – Wow, you guys really like to get swept by the Oakland Athletics, especially in the ALCS. Wade Boggs gets distracted by his affair with Margo Adams and her Palimony lawsuit.

    1990 – The brilliant Red Sox Front Office strikes again when they trade Jeff Bagwell for Larry Anderson. How did that one turn our for you guys? This great move is of course capped off by another predicatble 4 game sweep by the A’s in the ALCS.

    1992 – RIP Jean Yawkey. The sox didn’t make it to that post season either. Go figure.

    1995 – Tony Pena joins the AARP Platinum Club.

    1997 – Goodbye Roger Clemens, so much for him and Pedro being on the same team. Tisk Tisk.

    1998 – Cleaveland Indians (Maybe that’s why they swept you last week). It was at this moment that you knew Mo Vaughn wasn’t coming back. He went on to sign with the Anaheim Angels.

    1999 – Tim Tschida, ALCS Game 4; John Harrington refuses to invest in Fenway Park. Which was worse that year, the Red Sox Fielding or the Umpires?

    2000 – Biggest free-agent signing in history, yet all I can think of is “liar, liar, pants on fire.” Why Manny, Whyyyyyyyyyy? You had such potential! Or did you? I guess we’ll never know.

    2001 – Mike Mussina sat down 26 in a row; that botched perfect game still makes my heart.

    2003 – Aaron Boone; slightly more painful than the Athletics Catcher bunt for the win. Maybe this is why Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies; thank you Grady Little, your poor decision making only adds to my previous argument about the Sox Front Office and Management. You can also argue he’s the reason Pedro left so quickly.

    2004 – Games 3 and 7 of the ALCS.

    2005 – So much for a repeat…

    2006 – Yankees 5 game sweep.

    2007 – Eric Gagne’s season reminds me of a Jackson Pollock painting, only with more feces.

    2008 – Yankees win 19-8, the longest game of your life.

    2011 – Red Sox start their season 0-6; an omen of yet another post season on the couch.

    I’m sorry I had to do that to you, but I will admit that this little history lesson really strengthened my love for the Yankees. I also now have a tiny bit more respect for my favorite rivals, but there wasn’t much to begin with so I don’t know if that really means anything or not.

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    Bravo, Bravo (standing ovation). I am honored that you took the time to put me in my place. That was a tremendous and I mean tremendous piece of writing. You missed your calling. I am glad I help strengthen your love for the hated Yankees. It is only going to make this years comeback even sweeter.

    I was fully aware of all the chokes over the years of the Sox. I will say that i think Pesky gets a bad rap when it comes to Slaughter, his hesitation didn’t cause the speedy Enos to score.

    Unless you’re a baseball history buff the average fan was unaware of many of the things you pointed out. But everyone knows that the only team to lose after being up 3-0 in the playoffs is the Yankees. EVER!!!!

    You forgot to mention some historical moments such as:

    Reggie Jackson’s fight with Billy Martin on national TV. What time where they playing again?

    Who gave Billy Martin driving lessons and Thurman Munson flying lessons?

    Pedro Martinez hurling Don Zimmer to the ground.

    Bill Mazeroski hitting the first walk off homer in World Series history. Against who in 1960?

    Mickey Mantle never turned down a drink.

    They have the first ever Mr May-Dave Winfield

    Frtiz Peterson and Mike Kekich swap wives.

    Billy Martin fired 5 times by the Yankees

    The owner is a convicted felon.

    His son tells legend Derek Jeter, if you can get more money from another team , go get it.

    Brian Cashman to Rafael Soriano, “I never wanted him in the first place.” Ahhh to feel welcomed.

    Yankee fans brag about Babe Ruth, just how did management treat him at the end?

    The seats in the new Yankee stadium are empty because noone can afford to go. Way to cater to the loyal fans.

    Ownership is more concerned about the size of Jeter’s house instead of their pitching staff.

    One last thing, tonight you get to face off against the 2003 World Series MVP. The man who shut you down, Josh Beckett

  • Rob

    Did you know that you can buy an 11 game ticket package to Yankee Stadium for only $180? I agree the prices are expensive but $16 a ticket is pretty decent. I prefer to sit in the Bleachers anyway, and they are always cheap, you just have to get there early.

    The real fans are still there.

  • yankee

    sox fans can talk once they get 27 WORLD SERIES RINGS.

  • Rob

    I love how he waits until the Sox lose 2 in a row to the bottom feeder Rays.

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    Dear Yankee, do you have any idea how lame that sounds. If you want to go around bragging about how many rings you have then you should also let people know that they have also lost more World Series than any team in history.

    Besides, the Montreal cCanadians have won 24 Stanley Cups in a lesser period of time and you never hear them boasting about it.

    This is an era of “what have you done for me lately” not what we did. I highly doubt you’re sitting at a bar with your friends bragging about how good Ruth and Gehrig was in the 1927 world series.

    Saying you have 27 rings has zero effect. I find the only ones who say that are just casual fans and not true blue bloods. What next, you going to say your Dad can beat up mine?

    Better yet, “sticks and stones” my friend.

    Come back when you stop living in the past and want to talk about the here and now

    Thanks for the comment anyhow….

  • Rob

    I’ll bet my dad can beat up your dad Rick.

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    Lol I bet your mom could beat up my dad

  • Rob

    These are the kinds of comments you need to learn to expect when you make the title “Yankees Suck!” When I first saw it, I didn’t even care what you had to say, I was going to find some way to dis the Sox to gain back some dignity. Of course, being tied for 1st place certainly has helped in that department. What I really need to see tonight is Hughes not suck. I don’t need a stellar outing, just more than 3 innings of work, the kid needs to pitch through this without necessarily costing us the game. With Feliciano needing surgery and Ayala on the DL, we really can’t afford any more pitching woes. Although, I’m happy to see Hector Noesi getting the call up. Although, I’m not sure that Millwood or Silva wouldn’t have been a better choice for the bullpen. I suppose he wants to see them throwing in some minor league games first before we trust them to don the uniform. Good ol’e Joe sticking to that black book of matchups. I swear it could be the death of us if he doesn’t start using the “hot hand” more.

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    Cashman missed the boat on the Feliciano deal. How did the Dr’s overlook how tore up his shoulder was, it’s not like he did it in spring training

  • Rob

    I agree, but actually he did do the damage in spring training. March 9th, specifically. They did a contrast MRI before signing Feliciano and there was no tear.

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  • NYY

    Red Sox fans can talk when they have 27 world series titles.

  • http://www.bosoxinjection.com Rick Meegan

    Dear NYY, if all you cling to in life is the fact that you won 27 championships, then you will never appreciate ” IF” you ever win another. Notice the capital IF.

    Does this mean I have to duct tape my mouth until we have won 27 times, if so, that is really going to suck !!!!!

  • Rob

    At least you can still type with your mouth closed. I know you don’t like it when people talk about the 27 rings. I’ll tell you what, how about we melt them down and make you a plaque that says “You’ll never be as good as us but we give you credit for trying… So long as you don’t beat us, otherwise we’ll have to beat you with this plaque.”

  • Rob

    Do you think this guy noticed that someone else made the exact same comment earlier in this thread?

    Not only was he boring, but unoriginal to boot.

    As much as I’m a Yankee fan I feel the need to tell him this:

    If Rick can’t talk until the Sox win 27 World Series Rings, then you shouldn’t be able to talk until you learn to read. Did your mommy type that post for you, or did you just copy and paste from Facebook?”