Pedroia's Jersey is Eighth Amongst Best Selling

Dustin Pedroia’s #15 Jersey is the eighth best selling in the Major leagues for 2010.  Jacoby Ellsbury also cracked the top 20 in jersey sales.  Not surprising, Derek Jeter is the top selling last year.  Have you ever seen a female Yankee fan not wearing the #2 on their backs?

All products featuring the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox were the best sellers.  Of course they were.   Is there no better rivalry in all of sports?  Baseball fans around the world are tuned into every Sox-Yankee game.  I personally have dozens of hats and jerseys hanging in my closet.  You can never have too many hats, as I always say.

Still, it’s pretty cool for Pedroia.  Then again, he is the face of this team.  We all were excited about the additions of Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, but nothing better than watching Pedroia’s “Laser show” on a nightly basis.  Jason Varitek may still be wearing the capital “C” on his chest, but that will be changing in the next year or so.  Pedroia is the leader of this team of superstars.  He has the determination and skills that are needed by a leader in the clubhouse.  But, he also has more personality and charisma then anyone else on this team.

I, unfortunately, don’t sport a Pedroia Jersey as of yet.  My closet has Curt Schilling, Jonathan Papelbon, Mike Lowell, and Jason Bay hanging in it.  I have two different Jacoby Ellsbury jerseys, since he has been my favorite player.  The newest addition to my wardrobe is the #13 jersey worn by Carl Crawford.

Matt Clifford from my office has sported a Pedroia jersey for years.  The best story about his wearing of the jersey was when he went to see the Sox play a couple of years ago on a Saturday afternoon.  Proudly wearing his #15 to the game,  he then found out that Pedroia was going to get a rare day off.  Matt was a little disappointed, to say the least, to not see his favorite player in the game that day.  However, with the score close, late in the game, Pedroia was sent up to pinch hit.  He promptly ripped a triple that resulted in the winning run.  As it turned out, Matt was wearing the lucky jersey of the day. 

Men proudly wear sports jerseys as women do with a new pair of shoes.  It’s who we are.  We love our sports and the players who play the game.  This year many baseball fans were sporting the #15 – very cool.

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