Josh Beckett Fully Cleared

After being hit in the head with a baseball hit by Ino Guerrero on Monday, Josh Beckett was diagnosed with a mild concussion and was sent home. With the uncertainty of how each individual body reacts to a concussion, there was some concern about Beckett and when he could resume normal baseball activities. After only experiencing mild symptoms early on in the week, Beckett was cleared this morning to resume full baseball activities. He was originally slated to start this afternoon’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies, but with the lost practice time and no need to rush, his start will be pushed back. He is scheduled to pitch a simulated 3-inning game tomorrow, and if all goes well, he will make his 2nd Spring start on Tuesday.

In an effort to show Ino Guerrero that there were no hard feelings, Beckett made light of the incident by wearing a shirt that read “Don’t Hit Me” on the front on the field this morning. Guerrero was also given a bright yellow hat and orange vest, so players would be sure to know where on the field he was at all times. With all the attention and fear around head injuries in sports, it is nice to see Beckett feeling better and ready to jump back into the swing of things so quickly. After all, he is 1/5th of one of the best starting rotations in baseball.

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