Bay State of Mind

Throughout Red Sox nation there has been constant chatter about Jason Bay since the end of the 2009 season. Whether you believe the Sox should have thrown in an extra year and a bit more money to bring Bay back to Fenway or you feel he is overated and are glad he is gone, everyone has an opinion. Despite earlier reports, it appears as though Bay and his agent Joe Urbon are having a difficult time finding a home for the slugger as we approach the new year.Have the Red Sox played themselves into a perfect situation in which they can get Bay at a discounted rate? Doubtful, but it does appear as though the only other suitor for the left fielder is Omar Minaya and the Met’s. In the past, however, Bay has reportedly been opposed to playing in New York, making it a less than ideal setting to say the least.

Looking at how sought after Bay was a month or two ago, did Joe Urbon play his cards wrong and hurt his client’s chances of getting big money? The answer is yes. Demanding such a high salary and 5 year contract forced many teams to duck out of the race early and limited his opportinuities. When Urbon used the media to ‘pressure’ the Sox into adding the extra year and more money, he eliminated the most likely fit for Jason and once again narrowed the potential pool of teams.

Now, sitting here on Christmas Day, Bay has only one reported offer from the Met’s that has been on the table for the past few weeks. The Sox are in a prime position to reoffer Bay a contract and be in a position of power in the negotiation, even though it would put the Sox above the salary cap. It is still a long shot, but would be a huge addition to an already strong lineup.

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