Pedro Martinez’s top 5 Boston Red Sox moments

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1999 ALDS, Game 5 (October 11, 1999)

A back injury forced Pedro out of Game 1 of the ALDS against the Cleveland Indians, putting Boston in an early hole that grew even deeper after they dropped the second game of the series. The Red Sox would battle back to force a decisive Game 5, but Martinez was not deemed healthy enough to start.

Bret Saberhagen took the mound to start the game in his place, but was lit up for 5 runs. Derek Lowe fared no better in relief, as the Indians tacked on 3 more. The score was tied at 8-8 after three innings when Pedro stormed out of the bullpen to deliver one of the gutsiest performances in postseason history.

Martinez shook off the the injury to toss six no-hit innings in relief to help the Red Sox advance to the ALCS. Pedro would later admit that he put his career in jeopardy by pitching through that injury, but he was willing to put everything on the line because it was the postseason.