Promotions Equal Relief

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Along with the position players, it also give Francon a few additional options in the bullpen when conditions are less than ideal.

Take Tuesday night for example.  Late in the game in what turned into a Red Sox blowout of the Blue Jays, Francona was able to put in reliever Tazawa with little worries about whether or not he gets roughed up.  With the game well in the balance, Tazawa surrendered one earned run that didn’t have an impact on the game.

For Francona it meant saving his full time relief arms for the situations that have an immediate impact.  While Alfredo Aceves had some work tonight before the game was decided, it allowed the likes of Bard, Albers and Wheeler to rest should they be called upon this weekend against the Rays.

Red Sox Nation did see Gathright, Anderson, Tazawa and Iglesias in action late in the game tonight which did everyone a chance to see what these prospects can do on the grand stage.  Although it may be Iglesias as the only regular we get used to seeing in the future, it was still nice to see what the Red Sox have in the system.  Who knows, some of these names could end up in trades in the offseason and we may see them down the road in opponents jerseys.

You may recall, Anderson was one of the Red Sox prospects that was reportedly traded to the Oakland A’s for starting pitcher Rich Harden.  The deal fell through after there was grave concern over Harden’s medical history. 

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