Oct 30, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; The scoreboard displays a message for the World Series champions the Boston Red Sox after game six of the MLB baseball World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals at Fenway Park. The Red Sox won 6-1 to win the series four games to two. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Fat City And The Red Sox

For game six I was sent to my room. My spouse – The Lovely Cynthia – frowns on my vocal comments during a game and I am placed in isolation. Usually my daughter will watch a game with me and has modeled her behavior after mine. So, I am a bad parent.

My daughter was off to the local bar to view the game with her age appropriate group so I was left to myself with occasional runs to the food supplies. My wife decided to observe the contest in the family room so I stayed far away from that area – a nice demarcation zone.

This game was a lock. I was in the 99% percentile for absolutely a win. I was actually surprised the outcome was as close as it was, and when Stephen Drew hit one out, that was it. My texting was in a frenzy with other offspring scattered across the country. Plans were in the works for who will show up for the now oh so routine parade.

Why the change? Why the confidence? In honesty I have now become Yankee like.

Until 2004 it was always how are we going to lose this game and not how we are going to win it. No more. After 50 years of torture those days are like a sour marriage and sent to that dustbin of a distant and forgetful past. Did those days even exist?

This team is Fat City for me. I got into a routine this season. After a win a ritual would take place that consisted of a trip to Honey Dew for a number four on the menu – a coffee roll and medium black coffee, followed by a quick purchase of The Boston Herald. Short drive for a return home to enjoy the sports section while devouring that coffee roll.

I ate a lot of coffee rolls this season.

This morning I had two as my celebratory gorging. But I have discover a way to tame my weight. I will apply the same routine to my passion of following the Celtics! I figure twenty-five – tops.

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  • boondocker2

    The Red Sox were essentially anicdotal referencing to who the winning team in all the series were defeating. Actually this exclussion of Boston being a real contender, I think, played a pivital role in their success. The Red Sox were always the underdogs, though no writers singled the Sox out as one. The Sox had no marque pitchers, no booming home run hitters, no rbi and average top achievers, no one player dominated the season and post season, except Ortiz in the WS. All played parts during the regular season. Ellsberry and Victorino drove the Rays to distraction, Napoli, Ortiz and Victorino downed the Tigers, and Ortiz drove the Cardinals out. In all the hubub you cannot deny the absolute game changing pitching turned in by all the Red Sox pitchers, time after time. Absolute stellar performances. Lastly the Sox’s relentless persuit of opportunities afforded to them. The Red Sox beat the leagues best teams one after another. And lastly beating the Stellar Cardinals. Just a tremendous display of grit and desire.

    • Rick M

      Well said…..Scherzer, Verlander, Wacha, Wainwright, Moore and Price. That is quite a list of who they went through. The sum of this team was greater than the parts.

  • http://bosoxinjection.com/ Earl Nash

    Somehow I knew that it was a lone Red Sox fan–with a “magical thinking” routine–that was behind the magic of the season. So, thanks for sacrificing by gaining a few pounds for the team!