Gary Norman making those with limp beards lame with shame.

Revere The Beard Double Shot

As the Red Sox draw closer to the playoffs, the beard grows (he, he, he – get it) stronger. In this installment of the Revere the Beard we get to celebrate our first lady beardo, her man and recent national beard and mustache contender.

Jeannie and Todd bringing beard power to Fenway

Jeannie and Todd bringing beard power to Fenway

Jeannie with her "rosey" beard

Jeannie with her “rosey” beard

First up is Jeannie Chanthanasinh, our first whiskerina and her boyfriend Todd who both hail from Lowell, MA. Jeannie recently entered her first competition and won 2nd place with her rosey beard. Todd has been  growing his “gnarly” beard – hey Jeannie’s words not mine –  for about 15 months now!

Jeannie said, “I make fake beards because I know it makes him happy!  OH & I definitely don’t mind his beard – it brings great power & joy to him!” Jeannie and Todd look like a match made in heaven.

Gary W. Norman, from Titusville, FL sent us a picture taken by Greg Anderson Photography when he was in New Orleans a few weeks back for the 4th Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships. Gary’s website,, has a fitting tagline of “many beards, one nation.” He also signed off, “Go Sox!” Gary, we couldn’t agree more.

With four posts to date we’re off to a great start and almost halfway to fielding a starting nine. Go beards! Go Sox!



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