Bert Mayer from a recent Boston beard competition.

Revere The Beard: Fan Photos Keep Rolling In

Bert Mayer's full freestyle beard.

Bert Mayer’s full freestyle beard from a competition in New Jersey this year.

When I posted over the weekend that if you had ‘em show ‘em – as in a beard of any other kind of facial hair for that matter – I didn’t quite now what to expect.

Brian Roy was the first to send me his totally badass Santa with an Attitude photos. In his message, Brian mentioned that he was a card carrying member of the Boston Beard Bureau. Without thinking much about the reference I posted and soon was pleasantly surprised when the President and founding member of the BBB, Bert Mayer, sent me a couple of photos for the archives.

These look to me like wax, time, creativity and flat out hutzpah all rolled in one striking bearded package. BSI continues to publish all comers on a first come first serve basis. As I said before it can be all about the beard but any facial hair will do. Ladies, get your fake beard on!

Bert writes: I’m from Boston, part of the same club as Brian. I was with him at the game last week as well. We had a hell of a time. I know the beards of Boston are just going to get stronger and stronger and I hope we can make a big difference in our city.

Grow ‘em if you got ‘em bearded Sox fans and keep those cards, letters and especially beard photos coming. Go Sox!

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